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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow...I went MIA for awhile

OMGoodness I knew I had not blogged for some time but did not realize it was nearly a month. All I can say is....

March came in like a LION for me!! Here is why....

1. I think I told ya about joining the ADSR5 (Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race, Season 5) back in February. Well, that was a commitment of 2 layouts per week for 6 weeks.

2. Back in February I also told you about applying to be on a CT for Amy Stoffel and the exciting news of being accepted. That began new responsibilities immediately. Amy is super efficient and keeps her team up-to-date with what she has coming out in the way of kits. She also has something new every week. I don't have to work with EVERY kit but thus far, I have wanted to....she's that good!

3. I also hopped on board for another contest over at Scrap Orchard called March Madness. It has been amazing. We have one layout to do a week and everyone is anonymous. There are no eliminations but we ARE judged and earn points if we win our bouts. The top 3 winners will get to be a Honey Bee for 3 months at SO. This is the brass ring for which I climb the digi-scrappping ladder!!! So far I am not close to being in the lead but the challenges have really made me step up my creative game and for that I love it. So, there were a few weeks in March that I was having to scrap 3+ layouts a week!!!

I have been a busy little scrapper this month to say the least. And, I know I am nuts, but I applied for 2 other teams at Scrap Orchard. One is just a 1-month guest spot but the other is for a full time spot. What can I say? If I can't be a Honey Bee then I will work my way up the ranks through the different designers' teams!

Okay, here is a taste of what I have been doing this month with my scrapping.

This was for a challenge where we had to scrap about a Pet Peeve....
I chose "negative people" and tried to scrap a "happy" page.

For this challenge we were to scrap about GLEE!!!
Flowers bring me GLEE so I created somewhat of a fantasy style layout. This layout took me 6+ hours to complete, just sayin'!!!

This was for my CT with Amy Stoffel using Little Charmer
This is a photo of Caiden & Trevor playing together.

Shhh, this is an upcoming kit not yet released....isn't it gorgeous. I don't scrap in purples much so it was fun :)
This is mom & I on our trip to Marion, KY in 2009 (I think)

Another one using an upcoming kit & template set!!
These photos are also from that same trip to Marion, KY. The owner of the cottage had horses on the property and this is Buttercup!

Another CT layout for Amy Stoffel. Again, using Little Charmer.
Trevor, on his rocky horse that Grandpa made him for Christmas. He LOVES it!!!

Using an older kit of Amy's called I Am Amazing!
These are some photos of Trev looking oh so cool in mommy or daddy's sunglasses!

Using a mixture of kits from different designers. I think this was one of my ADSR5 layouts.
Photos are from my trip to the Butterfly House in 2009. Going there again this weekend, can't wait!!!

For this challenge we were to scrap about a song. A song that, if a movie was to be made about our life, this would be the song playing during the credits at the end of the movie!

A random layout using Little Charmer again along with one of Scrapping With Liz's awesome templates!!
Obviously, this is an All About Caiden layout!!!

I forgot to mention that in March I was also a guest for Amanda Heimann Designs.
This layout was one of the ADSR5 challenges and I used Amanda's kit called "Lucky"

Don't you just LOVE this kit from Amy???

And here is a layout I created with it!
Yep, that is me on the far left back in 1988!!!!

Another kit from Amy not yet released!
Trevor being oh-so-silly with the seat from his potty chair! The boy is ATE UP!!!

A kit from Amy called Make A Wish
Trevor's 1st birthday party!

Same kit....only from Caiden's 1st birthday party!

And that isn't even all of my layouts from this month! I will have to take time and post all my ADSR layouts in one post sometime. But, for now, I think this catches you up on where I have been.