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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just popping in on this Sunday morning before I start getting ready for church to say hello. Hello!!!! It is Memorial Day weekend, which generally means a 3 day weekend for many hard working folks. I apologize in advance if you are not one of the lucky ones to have Monday off :( This weekend has long since become a "summer kick off" marker weekend. I would love to know the statistics that show just how many bottles of BBQ sauce, packages of pork steaks-hot dogs-brats & burgers are sold and how many gallons of iced tea are consumed on this one day alone!

My Sunday school group has a gathering every year to kick things off, although, this year we will be missing several people but I won't elaborate on that! I am very excited to say I was told to take Tuesday off work so my 3 day weekend is now FOUR!!! Thank you made my month :)

I have been busy keeping up with the (now) FIVE creative teams I am on for digital scrapboooking. I just recently applied to be on the team for Scrapping With Liz. Liz makes amazing template sets. The only reason I applied after saying "no more" was because she is exclusively at Scrap Orchard where 3 of my other teams are. I have to use 100% Orchard products in two of the 3 layouts I do for her each month so that will be easy-peasy and allows me to kill two birds with one stone, so-to-speak. I realize unless you are a fellow digi-scrapaholic and on a CT you have no idea what I am talking about. Trust me, it's a good thing. However, the one thing that takes SO much time when it comes to being on CT's is getting the layouts your create for your designers posted in all the various galleries. Along with that, keeping track of the links so your designers know 100% you are keeping up with your end of the bargain. And, there is the enabling.........I totally stink at this. So, I took a night recently and reorganized myself for the upcoming June requirements. I created a word document that has various things that need filled in for each kit I work with for a designer. It has a place for the kit/store to the product in the store it is sold at...URL link of the kit preview (for enabling)...a place to put the various gallery links when I post the completed layouts...a place for links for any enabling I do with that kit. This document is stored in its' own folder inside the specific folder that houses the actual kit. I have also started going through my pictures and copying pics to this folder as well. That way, even if I cannot scrap a page right then, I have an idea of some photos I would like to scrap with for that kit. I feel very excited to try out my method for June to see if I can do a better job for my designers and not feel stressed in the process. After all, this is a hobby and it shouldn't stress me out!

Well, I need to be cutting this short. I have gobs of layouts posted. Here goes:

Created with Walking On Sunshine by Tracie Stroud & Jennifer Barrette. The wave shapes were taken from a Wave On Wave template set by Amanda Heimann
This was for a Speed Scrap at Scrap Orchard yesterday afternoon!!! This is by far my favorite SS layout ever!

Created with Serendipity by SuzyQ Scraps

Created with Birthday Bash by Wild Dandelion Designs & Nee Nee Designs

Using the same kit as above.

Using Fancy Free by Wild Dandelion Designs & a template from Scrapping With Liz called Heart Templates

Created using the kit, Curious, by LCC Amy Stoffel & a template from the set, Variety Temps, by Scrapping With Liz

Created using The Happiest Grab Bag from Wild Dandelion Designs & Tracey Howard. The template is from Lots of Circles set by Scrapping With Liz

Created using Dino Safari from Brandy Designs

Created using Refreshed by LCC Amy Stoffel. The wave cut out was created using a wave shape from the Wave On Wave template set by Amanda Heimann Designs

Created using Curious by LCC Amy Stoffel

Created using Going Green by Amanda Heimann
This was done for a May Lift Challenge for Amanda Heimann's blog. I lifted this layout from Chelle (aka Roxxygerlie)

This was created using Lucky The Kit by Amanda Heimann Designs
I created this for a blog post for Amanda's blog last week.

Well, I told you I had lots to show you. Have a great memorial day and be safe!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Caiden....

Caiden, I cannot believe you are two already! You are growing too fast and these photos prove it!

Using Little Blue Box by Tracie Stroud & Empty (alpha) by Amanda Heimann Designs



Monday, May 17, 2010

Weigh in & bed update

Today's official weigh in shows.....drum roll please...............................

2 lbs lost!!!

Me happy.

Well, I slept in my bed. But, not nearly as soundly as I sleep on the couch. I don't understand how a couch with NO support can be more comfortable on my lower back than a good bed with a 2" memory foam mattress topper!?!?!? I ended up putting a thin, small pillow under the lower part of my back and that helped quite a bit. I have this degenerative disc problem and from time to time it will compress more than usual causing
sciatic nerve pain.

That's all for now...........woo-hoo!!! Sorry, still excited about losing 2 more lbs :)

ps- did you see I changed my blogwear was time to get rid of the wintery one :(


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Catch-Up

It's Sunday. I played hookie from church and stayed home. I am in perfectly good health. I just felt the call of the wild I suppose.

Did some online shopping with a $25 gift certificate I had to Scrap Orchard. I brought in the Sunday paper and pulled out he coupons and sale ads. I proceeded to clip, snip & browse thru the ads for the next 1/2 hour. Then I had to pick up all the left over ads I threw on the floor as I was done with them and pitch them. Would make so much more sense to bring the little trash can over to ME while I do the snipping. Next, I filed my coupons in my coupon organizer.

I called mom to see what she thought about us going up to Kohl's to just browse. She was all over that idea :) Yeah, and my "just browsing" idea cost me $56 but left with a new pair of black shoes that I have been seriously needing for months now. I found a this reed diffuser and just about

did a happy dance in the store when I saw the Eucalyptus & Mint scent. That was my absolute favorite scent in the same reed diffuser from Party Lite except this little baby only cost me $12.49 (on sale)! Then I found a cute little outfit for Caiden for his birthday next week. I love the Jumping Beans line at Kohl's. You can mix & match tops/bottoms and they were on sale for 2/$12 today. Sweet! Mom wanted to look at PJ's. I had already looked at them but as I was helping her find some I came across an adorable, crisp, white, cotton, eyelet 3/4 length night gown with wide spaghetti straps & a big ruffle at the bottom. I just had to have it. It looks so comfy. That was the extent of my "browsing spree". Lord, I will be in big trouble when our Kohl's opens up later this fall.

From there we went to Best Buy where I bought this..........

A new 22" LCD TV for my bedroom. I went in planning to buy the advertised 19" on sale for $159 but the salesman told me about an unadvertised special on the 22" for just $171. I am so happy. I have not had a TV in my bedroom for months since my little rinky-dinky 13" TV/VCR combo died. My poor couch has suffered the brunt of this problem, too, as I fall asleep every night as I watch a brainless TV show! Next stop was Value City Furniture where I dropped mom off to look for some new wall decor and I waited in the car. I had planned to go to Archiver's, however, I had spent more than enough $$ for one day.........shoot, one MONTH is more like it. Home was the final destination (after I ran thru McDonalds to grab a large iced tea, unsweetened). I hooked up my TV and all works perfectly. Except for the fact I need to call AT&T to get my Uverse remote synced to the TV so I don't have to use 2 remotes! Now I can lie in my bed and fall asleep watching this hunka hunka burnin' love......

Mr. Timothy Olyphant in Justified

Here are a few layouts I have done recently but don't think I have blogged yet. This first one uses a template from Brandy Designs from the Fingerprints 4 set and the kit is from Lyndsay Riches Designs called Playful. This is Mr. Trev having a blast on his slide!!!

This one uses a template from Fizzy Pop Designs....a bundle pack of templates I bought from her. I needed to do a layout using this kit, Dino Safari, from Brandy Designs. It is due to release next week. I remembered these photos I had of Trevor out in their yard, exploring. I thought they worked well with the kit.

And this one.....a new favorite of using a template from DeCrow Designs, Blueprint No.9 and a kit from Wild Dandelion Designs called Day by Day. This Caiden and I absolutely love how he is standing at this fence with his little foot propped up and his chin resting on his hands. He is gazing at some cows in the pasture and he looks like he would be thinking "someday I am gonna rope me a cow....someday!!"

I have some more layouts but cannot post them just yet since they won't release for a little while.

In other exciting scrapbooking news........I was asked by the owners of Scrap Orchard to come on board and work for them in the capacity of Facebook Updater/Poster. I replied telling Kami I would try it on a 1 month trial basis to see if #1 I could handle it and #2 They were happy with my efforts. It's been a few weeks and I received an email from her yesterday with a gift certificate for my first months work. She sent it to me early so I could take advantage of the 45% off sale they are having this weekend. How very sweet of her to think of me like that. She said they were very happy with my posts. So, looks like I will stick with it. I will be paid in gift certificates to the store where I get to buy all my favorite scrapbooking kits & goodies! Yay!

It has been a lovely Sunday. Sad to see the weekend end especially considering the 8:15 a.m. appointment I have with a certain irs lady tomorrow. I pray the information I gathered for her will be just what she needs to close this case on our business so I can finally breathe again.

Have a great week! I will be back sometime to post more layouts :)


Friday, May 14, 2010


I overheard a conversation between two co-workers this morning that leaves me a bit sad AND joyful at the same time.

The one co-worker said "You know, I used to get so frustrated going to work everyday just trying to make ends meet. I always wondered 'what is the purpose for all of this'? Then, I had grandchildren and it all made sense. They make it all worthwhile. They give me purpose." This is paraphrased a bit.

Hmmm, what about the people who will never experience having children or grandchildren? Does that mean they will not have any purpose for their lives? What a sad thought to think the only way purpose is highlighted in our lives is through grandchildren. I am not saying that having grandchildren is sad nor is taking joy from their existence. However, I do NOT believe that is the sole "purpose" for our lives on this round ball we call earth.

Our purpose is to bring glory to the One who created us through whatever life situation we are in. Whether that situation is where He has placed us or where we, by our own choices, have placed ourselves. Our purpose is to show others that "life on this earth" is just temporary. We have a much grander home waiting for us eternally in Heaven IF we choose it. And it IS a choice...not an automatic shoe-in based on how good we are.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a mini-sermon. The words I heard just struck a chord in me. Reminding me that MY purpose is far greater than what is in this world. My purpose lies beyond this temporal life. From one who may never know what it is like to grow old with her spouse or have a child all her own....take joy in whatever God has given you. He has given me much to be thankful for despite what I may not have. How about you? What you thankful for today?


Random Friday Thoughts....

Here are some of my random thoughts this Friday approximately 6:00 a.m. and in no particular order.

1. I love early mornings with birds chirping & cool air coming in the open window
2. Molly can be a good girl once in awhile
3. I really need to use my Heeltastic tonight!
4. Squeeeee!!!! Scrap Orchard is almost back up :)
5. God is good.
6. Where is that new tube of toothpaste I know I bought?
7. What do I want to take for lunch today along with my usual salad?
8. Helen: don't forget food pantry tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Must catch up laundry SOON!
10. Where are those ants getting in??????????

And that is a peek into my odd brain this morning. Got to love the random way my mind works, don't ya? Have a blessed Friday my loves!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ziggle Designs Speed Scrap

Since Scrap Orchard is still down due to some issues trying to migrate to the new web host, Tracey hosted a fabulous speed scrap on the Ziggle Designs blog! Here is the layout I created for this SS. I used all Ziggle Designs products from Strolling Through The Park, a freebie called Cheerio & In The Garden.

Will be back with more tomorrow but for now I had to get this posted so I qualify for the $25 gift certificate drawing!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 9 of the journey....

Did you see my weight loss ticker at the top of the page? No? Look up! Yep, down 5 lbs. To be very, very precise (which I like to be when I am counting lbs) 5.2 lbs.

That was on weigh-in day, 5/10. Saturday morning I had this urge to get on the scale even though I had two days before official weigh-in. But, I was up, showered & had not eaten yet and for whatever reason, the scale just kept calling out my name. Didn't know I had a talking scale did you? It is only programmed to say "nice" things to me, though. LOL! I gave in and stepped on. Then I stepped right back off. Waited. Stepped back on. read 4.4 lbs less. Wow! I really didn't think I would lose as much my first official week on Weight Watcher's because the week prior to beginning WW's I had already upped my water intake. Thus, I made many many many trips to the bathroom. That is much of what you lose the first week of starting a new healthy lifestyle program. Notice I don't use the "D" word? Never. I seriously figured I peed out like 2lbs the week before I started WW's. So, to see 4.4 lbs less was rather exhilarating.

With Sunday being Mother's Day and the day BEFORE my weigh-in I planned ahead to be extra good with my eats. I marinated some boneless/skinless chicken breasts (hormone/preservative free at that) and made a huge salad with all my favorite veggies. I was also very happy to find Hendrickson's Sweet Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing on the market shelf. Only 1 point for a full TBSP but you really need very little on your salad to make it tasty. I bypassed the cheesy potato casserole & the brownies. Lemme tell ya....those brownies were doing their very best to drag me over to their little corner of the counter. I was very happy with my chicken and TWO helpings of salad but wow, I wanted something chocolate....BAD!
The brownies were all but forgotten when I stepped on the scale and read 5.2 lb decrease. Now, hear me when I say........I WILL eat a brownie at some point. I love me some chocolate. Right now, I have chocolate Teddy Grahams, Skinny Cow Chocolate/Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches, FF Chocolate Pudding cups all in my kitchen at the moment. If there is one thing about WW's (at least for me) is that I rarely feel deprived. I eat what I want but I make better choices about the yummies I eat & how much I eat.

I will leave you with one layout. Oh, I have more but just this one for today. This is a layout using a charity collaboration kit (not yet released), called Perspective. When I was asked personally to create something using this lovely kit I was honored. I knew instantly what I wanted to scrap about. Me. This will be the first page in my weight loss journey scrapbook that I am going to make.

It takes courage to persevere.....

Lyrics: I've been here before. Now here I am again. Standing at the door. Praying you'll let me back in. To label me a hypocrite would be, only scratching the surface of who I've been known to be. Turn me around. Pick me up. Undo what I've become. Bring me back to the place of forgiveness and grace. I need you. Need your help. I can't do this myself. Cause you're the only one, who can undo, what I've become.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Hybrid Project....

This is by far my favorite project to date. Okay, I have only done like "3" hybrids but still. I never once became frustrated or confused with this one. That probably has a lot to do with the fact most of my cutting was straight lines for long, wide curves. NO SCALLOPS!!!

I created this Satchel Bag gift bag to hold the box that will hold the necklace I bought my mommy for mother's day.
This was seriously fun to make....I foresee making more of these adorable satchel gift bags in the future!!The only elements I added to this all digital project were the 2 pink jewels on the straps, the pink ribbon & a large pink brad under the flap to help hold it closed.

If you would like to try your hand at a hybrid project, check out PIXEL GEEK DESIGNS at Scrap Orchard.....she has some amazingly cute templates!!! (fyi- the site will be down starting late on 5/08 thru late 5/11, possibly longer as they switch host servers so be patient)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On The Road Again....

The road to weight loss, that is! I'm saddled up.....I have strapped myself in.....I am raring to go!!! Okay, maybe "raring" is not a good choice of words. That makes it sound like I am all happy & excited about this trip. That really isn't the case. I am ready. I am willing. Just not excited. But, you know what? Commitment to people...goals...things is not something we always "feel" like doing. If I didn't come to work every time I didn't FEEL like it, I would be out of a job :) And so, I commit to starting this journey again. I commit to not letting past failures dictate future achievements. I commit to ME!

That's all I wanted to come on and say....that and check out my weight loss ticker at the top of my blog. Keep an eye on my progress!!!