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Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you are a Twerd aka Fanpire aka lover of the Twilight Saga Series then you understand the title of my post!

I just finished the 3rd book in the series, Eclipse. Today I move on to Breaking Dawn. I am told it will blow my mind so I am very excited to start it.

I was asked if I was Team Edward or Team Jacob. My answer is complicated much like Bella is, lol. It wasn't until near the end of New Moon (#2) that I was able to get past Edwards physical characteristics of being a vampire such as 1. no heartbeat 2. icy cold 3. rock hard 4. sucks blood to sustain his existence. However, who he IS inside is what makes me swoon over him. He is steady---loving to a fault---protective (not controlling)---a gentleman. Jacob has great qualities, too. First off, he is human (when not phased into a wolf, that is). He is majorily hot in more ways than one :) He is more spontaneous & silly than Edward BUT also can be a bit too childish & unpredictable. I love Jacob but it is Edward I choose in the end. I guess that could change before I am done with Breaking Dawn. I have been wrong about so many things when it came to this book series.

Ahhhh, the first in the series....what hooked me!!
#2.....I fell for Edward near the end!

#3 Nail biting from one chapter to the next....

#4 I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A sideline book based on a character very briefly introduced at the end of Eclipse. I have this in my possession ready to read when I am done with Breaking Dawn

I would love to get this, too :)

And there it addiction laid out before you :)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sneak Peek....

I have been inspired to give my old scrapbook room a makeover. I never sold my traditional supplies so I boxed it all up. In recent months I have dabbled in hybrid (combination of digital & traditional scrapbooking). I want to do more but it is a pain digging through boxes and working in a room that has become a "catch all" for everything I want out of my sight. A few days ago I watched a video of one of my online digi friends and her SBR made me green with envy. There is no reason for me to go as elaborate as hers is but it did make me want to revamp my own room.

So, this weekend I moved the dehumidfier (ok, my brother did it for me....darn thing is heavy) back to the basement get it dried out. I sprayed the gazillion spiders with Home Defense spray and pray they DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {major shudder} After a week or two of letting the dehum do its job and hopefully have a de-spidered basement I am going to pack up everything in the room currently and get it all moved out so I can have an empty space to work with.

I contemplated painting over the paneling but since I am going with a bright/happy theme of colors and my current walls are already light in color, I didn't see the need to paint. It wasn't hard to talk myself out of that part of the project. While shopping I found an awesomely cute area rug with colors that even from several aisles away jumped out at me and screamed "Helen!!!! Buy me!!!!!" And so, I did. That rug would become the basis of the entire color theme. From there I was like a Edward or Jacob on the trail of Victoria.....FOCUSED on one thing! Okay, sorry for the Twilight reference.....not really :) I have (as you can see in the photo below) a very very good start on the decor end of things. The next step (after the room is empty) is to measure and decide what kind of table & cubes/organizers I want to go with. I may stay with my little rect fold out table or I may go with a full size fold out table...I just don't know yet.

One thing I DO know is this.....the room has no windows at all. So, I bought these sheer, hot pink curtains and a long rod to hang them on. I plan to take the wall you face as you walk in the room and hang these curtains up. I want to find a pretty, framed print of a colorful garden or something to match the decor and hang it up behind the curtains to give the effect of a window. Under the print I will have (maybe) a 3ftx3ft set of cube organizers that will hold bins & other things.

Here is a photo of all the goods I have to decorate with so far and a scrapped page to give an idea of the faux window scene I want to create.

Of course, my curtains will be lying flat, not blowing in a breeze that doesn't reallye exist, lol



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sorry it's been awhile....

I would like to say I have just been soooo busy lately, which is why I have not blogged. Yes, I have been busy but not overly so. No, my excuse is.....are you ready for this? I started reading the Twilight books on June 1st (day after my last post). It is June 12th and I am on book 3, Eclipse and 100% ADDICTED! I would be much further along with Eclipse except Scrap Orchard did this really cool challenge about videos and I have been sucked into watching them. And, not to mention the usual digi-duties I have on my weekly plate. Today......soon.....maybe right after I finish the post and eat lunch I am nestling down and planting my nose back in the book!

So yes, I am working my way to becoming a complete TWERD! Never ever ever thought I would even like the books let alone, crave them! Well, it's Edward & Jacob I crave, lol. I am still just torn between what "team" to be on. But, enough Twilight talk.

Mom & Dad celebrated their 51st anniversary on June 6th. They didn't want any gifts but I twisted their arm into letting me taking them out to dinner. We went to Bella Milano's up in Edwardsville. A delicious Italian restaurant where I have ate the same thing all 4 times I have been there......Pasta Three Way (ravioli stuffed with meat, spaghetti & mostaccoli smothered in a few different cheeses & baked to perfection in their homemade sauce). I {heart} their salad, too. Has crisp pieces of prosciutto through out....oh so yum!

Looking forward to Father's Day next weekend and then just around the corner will be Trevor's 2nd birthday! Speaking of birthdays.....Blake, Caiden's big brother, turned 5 on the 9th! Happy Birthday Blake!!!!!!!! I will post a more recent photo later....this one is about 2 years old!

And, here is what I have worked on since I last posted........

Utah State Template by Scrapping With Liz @ Scrap Orchard also using the kit, The Great Outdoors by Ziggle Designs @ Scrap Orchard This was one of my panoramic shots of Bryce.....oh how I want to go back!!!

One Photo Template Set from Scrapping With Liz @ Scrap Orchard. Also using the kit, Strolling Through The Park by Ziggle Designs @ Scrap Orchard

This was taken just as we entered the Capitol Reef National Park. I almost look tiny on this huge fallen tree, lol.

I double teamed my efforts on this one. I used the template set, Zine Style Templates, by Scrapping With Liz & the kit was Two Peas In A Pod by Lyndsay Riches & simply.scraps at Scrap Orchard. Both released the same week so I killed two birds with one stone! These are various photos of Caiden & Trevor over the last 2 years.

Also using the kit, Two Peas In A Pod but no template....all my design. Brian & Trevor being silly!

Fingerprints No. 5 Template set from Brandy Designs using the kit, Perserverance, both at Polka Dot Plum Haven't scrapped Molly in awhile....she's so stinking pretty!

Using Big Daddy, a collab between Amy Stoffel & simply.scraps @ Scrap Orchard. Again, my template, yay!!! Kind of a "then & now" them with a photo of my daddy long before I was a glimmer in his eye and another one from just a few years ago! He so cute!

Ahhh, Calypso, by Amanda Heimann Designs as she guests at The Digi Chick this month. I fell IN LOVE with this kit!!!! More Molly!!!

Another one using Calypso My happy little bouquet of fresh flowers that are all still going strong even a week later. Well, the 2 large, orange gerbera daisies pooped out but the rest are still happy!

And that catches me up for now. Have a great day....whatever day you are here visiting my little blog! {smooch-smooch}