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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat??

What do you get when you mix together a Power Ranger, a Clown w/ a mohawk, and Tigger?? Three very cute halloween characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some snapshots of them and all their cuteness (and not so much cuteness as you will see).....

Ahhh, 3rd time is the a good shot with Caiden & Blake, yay!!

Is he not just adorable????????????????????

A great shot of Nana Julie & Caiden the punked out clown. BTW, the costume was handmade by the ever-sew-talented Nana :)

This photo just makes me laugh.....a little of the not-so-cute I mentioned above. Oh, the drama!

I like this one as it shows the Mohawk! Amazing what you can do with red food coloring & hair gel!

Oh my goodness....last year he was the saddest little pumpkin and this year he is the saddest little clown!

Blake, the Amazing Power Ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake showing me how cool the red Power Ranger is!!!

He may be a Power Ranger but I think he got a belt from a nearby Elvis costume, hmmmm!

Tigger's don't just wake up looking so takes work!

It's like trying to put make up on a hyper-grasshopper!!

Save me Tanti, save me!!!!!!! Starting to lose interest in this whole halloween costume, make-up thing!

It ain't pretty......when you have to body lock him to get the make up know you have about lost all control of the situation.

One very sad Tigger!!!

And look at that, he is happy again.

And those are the snapshots of Halloween 2009 in the Parker Family!

Wal Mart Insanity!!!

Today is Halloween. I had an appointment at 11 to get my hair cut and colored. Yes, I admit, I color. A girl does what a girl has to do, lol.

After getting my hair done I had to go to Wal Mart for some goodies for the boys for Halloween. I NEVER go to WM on a Saturday afternoon on a regular day and I am going to go on HALLOWEEN?? Am I nuts? Well, that is why I thought I could go and withstand the stupidity....because the worst of the PMS was over. Had it not been, well, my choice would have been Walgreens or KMart because Walmart & me w/PMS do NOT mix. No, usually my favorite time of day to be at WM is in the wee hours of the morning before the crowds come out.

So, I go in, get a cart, ask for a sanitizing wipe to kill any H1N1 or other viruses on the handle and proceed through the store. It doesn't take long before I am rolling my eyes. I seriously think Rules Of The Road pamphlets should be handed out as you go through the doors at WM.....sames rules apply folks!

...Drive your cart down the right (not left) side of the aisles. Unless you live in Europe, that is.

...Look both ways before you dart out of a side aisle.

...Yield to oncoming carts when crossing aisles.

...Pull over to the far side of the aisle before coming to a complete stop to browse the shelves.

...Don't pass the cart in front of you when there isn't enough room to do so.

Pretty basic stuff but I swear most people walk into WM, grab a cart and become complete _________ (fill in the blank with your own expletive).

So, got the goodies I needed and left without having an anxiety attack. Guess a little of the PMS was still hanging on, oops!

Now I am home for a little while before heading to see Trevor in his Tigger costume and then Blake & Caiden as a Power Ranger & clown.

I am watching The Butterfly Effect while I post this entry. No matter how hard I try I have to stop and watch this movie when it is on. Have you ever seen it? One of those movies that boggles your mind every 10-15 minutes and an ending that blows the mind completely. Love it!!

So, can't post without showing some of the layouts I have done since the last post. So glad the mojo is back.

A favorite layout using a kit from called Impressions of Tradition. I actually scraplifted this from another scrapper at SBG. This is Trevor having fun on Grandma & Grandpa's livingroom coffee table.

And this is a layout of Trevor having a meltdown. I used a kit called aPEARantly by Studio Rosey Posey at SBG. Hah! I love these photos. I told the family I have to do LO's using these kinds of photos so they don't grow up and look back thinking they were totally sweet, adorable, angels ALL the time.

Just playong around with an awesome kit by Irene Alexeeva called Amazing Snowland. I love her fairytale designs but rarely buy them because it is not my scrapping style. However, I fell in love with this kit and had to have a go at it. This is an old photo of Trevor from when he was about 4 1/2 months old.

This is a quick LO I did just last night out of the blue. I actually did the layout you see below of Caiden and the photo reminded me of a photo I had of his daddy, Josh, from around the same age. I searched and found the photo and decided to crank out one more layout before I turned in for the night. I like the whitespace & pops of red....a fave combo of mine :) I used the kits Wonderful World by Ettes & Co. and Scraps & Snaps from The Daily Digi.

This is one I did for a "Make It Snappy" speed scrap over at Scrap Orchard last night. Our instructions were to use 6 papers (yikes), a bracket shape of some kind, 1 photo framed/outlined, a tree/limb/branch/etc, flowers, sparkly item of choice, journaling. This was the result. I adore this photo of Caiden. Just chillin' in the corn pit. I used the kits August by Amy Stoffel & Pumpkin Patch by Tracie Stroud.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Blue Dreams

Lorilei Murphy, a designer I create layouts for has some exciting news! She became a Studio Girl this week!!! Studio Rosey Posey opened her doors at and below is a new kit released just for the occasion! You can grab it HERE for 25% off until October 30th!

And here is a layout I created using this fun, whimsy of a kit....a kit loaded with just the right amount of sparkly-goodness, greenery, ribbons & an adorable cow (see him sittin' on the moon? He is taking a rest before he jumps over it, lol) to boot!!!

Mojo flowing....

Found my MOJO are the results:

Using a fun kit called Wonderful World by Ettes & Company from Scrap Orchards. I am pleased with how the extraction of Mom & Trevor turned out. It really looks like they are walking across that little bridge together :)

We FINALLY made it to the pumpkin farm this past weekend!! And Blake got to go with us, too, YAY! He had a blast running through the big corn maze checking for the "dead-ends". I know it saved us adults from having to do it, LOL!! Blake was hilarious...he would turn around and say "shhhh, be very quiet....we're hunting sounds" quiet so we can hear the noises and tell which way we needed to go, LOL!! I used a kit by Tracie Stroud at Scrap Orchard called, Pumpkin Patch. The alpha I used is by Stephanie2 and is called Pippi Alpha.

Another LO from the pumpkin patch trip. This is Mr. Caiden playing in the corn pit. Man, that corn was about a foot deep. I was finding corn in my shoes hours later believe it or not. Trevor had several pieces fall out of his diaper about 4 hours after we got home. I think Caiden liked the pit the most :) I used the same Pumpkin Patch kit by Tracie Stroud for this layout as well.

A silly photo of Brian & Trevor using the kit, The Bees Knees, by Amy Stoffel at Scrap Orchard.

Well, it was a productive weekend for scrapbooking & having fun with the boys but not much else. I was in too much pain after the Pumpkin Farm adventures to do much of anything else. I am NOT joking or exaggerating! Feeling a little better today....a LITTLE!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cherohala Skyway Drive Layout Post #1

Slowly I am getting some layouts created from the trip Mom and I took through Tennessee & North Carolina last week. Trying to find my mojo again.....ugh, I don't like creative dry spells. Enjoy the 3 I have so far...explanations under each layout.

A few of the scenic views we had driving through both the Cherokee & Nantahala National Forests as well as alongside the Ocoee River. Kits used to create this were: Outside The Lines by Taylormade Designs; Dreams of Summer by Amy Stoffel

An old barn, as if you couldn't tell. I saw so many old, delapidated barns on this trip but was never really able to stop and photograph any of them. It is hard when you are driving 55+ mph and then suddenly see one.....not like you can throw on your brakes, flip a U-ee and get the shot. Not to mention....many of them were not really accessible without driving onto someone's property to get the picture and I am not going to trespass just to get a photo of a barn.

This was a beautiful water full about 6 miles off the Cherohala Skyway just outside of Tellico Plains, TN. You never have to leave your car if you don't want to.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No, I didn't drive over a cliff....

Just jumping on very quickly to say I am back from vacation. I did not have internet access while at the cabin for several days and since getting home late Wednesday, I have not felt up to being on the computer for long periods. Today I am at work playing some catch up. Tonight I have a hayride & bonfire to attend. Tomorrow is a trip to the pumpkin farm. Going to be ready for another vacation before the end of the weekend.

Mom and I had a wonderful time in TN and NC. I wanted to cry when it came time to leave the cabin Wednesday morning :( It was the most peaceful place I have ever stayed and with all the comforts of home (except internet access). We didn't even have a landline for a telephone. The cellular service was not great so not even much time to call home. However, I do not have time to go into more details now. Time to get back to work. I will post again later this weekend along with some of my favorite photo's from the trip.

Thanks for stopping by today :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cherohala Skyway or Bust!!!

I am so stinkin' excited!!! In 4 days mom and I leave for vacation. Tybee Island, GA had to be scratched for reasons too lengthy to go into. I was very disheartened by this change of events since this would have been my first ever beach vacation.
However, when one door closes on the beach, another opens to the mountains. Funny how I always end up in the mountains. As I have worked on planning this "amended" trip since 9/28, slowly the excitement has grown. I am, and always will be, a mountain girl at heart. I am humbled by the massiveness of them towering up toward the heavens. And to think, those huge mountains are but a foot stool for God. I think that is why I am so humbled by them.

I am going east this time, not west :( Considering the last 2 years have been spent in the Rockies & San Juans, I am ready to see the Apalachians again. Our trip highlight will be the scenic drive along the Cherohala Skyway between Tellico Plains, TN and Robbinsville, NC. It will be a breathtaking drive through both the Cherokee Natl in TN & Natahala Natl in NC Forests. Our highest elevation will be a few hundred feet over 1 mile. I am hoping the weather cooperates somewhat and we don't contend with rain the entire time. I am trusting God to take care of that :)

After our Skyway drive we will go south to Murphy, NC where we have a gorgeous cabin reserved for 3 nights. It is owned by a couple that lives on the property. It was actually their vacation home turned full-time home for a number of years before they built a larger home on the land. Our cabin is fully furnished & equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, satellite TV & mountain views from the large porch. All this for just $80 per night. Hello? Can I get an "OH YEAH!!!"???

The only downer to the trip is the fact my vehicle needs over $400 worth of work to prepare for the journey through the mountains. Oil change, rotate/balance tires & ALL my brakes need replaced. Ouch! I wasn't too surprised....just hoping maybe they weren't that far gone. Better to be safe than sorry is my motto when driving in the mountains!!!
I leave you with some eye-candy photos taken from the website for the cabin!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Evening Post

I should be at church right now voting in our choice for an interim pastor but I have been horribly nauseated since waking from my nap earlier. I knew better than to let myself fall asleep.

The weekend was busy but not as much as last weekend. Friday night we took the stray pup that found his way to our business last week to the vet for shots and a check up.

Saturday I slept in and worked on laundry through out the day while I just kicked back and did some much needed scrapbooking. Saturday evening I met up with friends to go play putt-putt golf but since it was just 3 of us and it was extremely chilly outside we decided to forego an outdoor activity. Instead we went to a Chinese joint and Diana and I watched Sheila eat. Diana and I had already eaten so were not hungry. Then it was probably our last trip to Bobby's Frozen Custard for a Turtle Sundae and back to Sheila's to eat it where it was warm. I pooped out at 10 pm and decided to go home since I wanted to make the 8a.m. service the next morning.

I have done alot of scrapping this week & weekend. Considering I have not done much the past few weeks it felt very good to get some pages completed. I will leave you with my accomplishments since I am ready to go get a shower now! I may have posted some of these already but not sure so I am sorry if I am repeating myself!!
This was a Scrap Orchard challenge to scrap without using a photograph. I used 2 great kits to make this layout. Java Mama by Faith True & Cafe Date by Irene Alexeeva. Click on the image to be taken to my gallery post where you can read the journaling.
Another LO I did for the same challenge. I used the kit, Urban Dreamer, by Amy Stoffel. You can click in the image to go to my gallery post that has the journaling typed out.
I have had this photo of Trevor and I since June of this year and it was underexposed so it just sat on my hard drive. I read a tutorial this weekend for another Scrap Orchard challenge that showed me how to correct the exposure. I am still not thrilled with the photo because of the glare on my glasses but I love the photo of me & Trev so much I let it go! I used 2 kits by Amy Stoffel to create this layout....August & Autumn Garden. The word art is from TaylorMade Designs "Outside The Lines" kit.
This was done for the October Scrap Orchard RAK (random act of kindness) where you take someone else's photo and design a LO using it. I used the kit, Sand Pile, by Lorilei Murphy to do this one.
I posted this photo in my last blog post and here it is in a layout. I used the kit, Everyday, by Lorilei Murphy.
I love this photo of Trevor sitting in the rocks, especially after I did some photo editing to it. I used several kits to create this one and right now I cannot remember them (sorry)
Here is a series of photos of Trevor and his bubble mower. I think I used the kit The Bees Knees by Amy Stoffel but not quite sure at the moment.
I did this one some time ago but can't remember if I posted it. These are photos from an Autumn drive/hike in 2008. I used the kit Hanabi Hart to create this one.