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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat??

What do you get when you mix together a Power Ranger, a Clown w/ a mohawk, and Tigger?? Three very cute halloween characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some snapshots of them and all their cuteness (and not so much cuteness as you will see).....

Ahhh, 3rd time is the a good shot with Caiden & Blake, yay!!

Is he not just adorable????????????????????

A great shot of Nana Julie & Caiden the punked out clown. BTW, the costume was handmade by the ever-sew-talented Nana :)

This photo just makes me laugh.....a little of the not-so-cute I mentioned above. Oh, the drama!

I like this one as it shows the Mohawk! Amazing what you can do with red food coloring & hair gel!

Oh my goodness....last year he was the saddest little pumpkin and this year he is the saddest little clown!

Blake, the Amazing Power Ranger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake showing me how cool the red Power Ranger is!!!

He may be a Power Ranger but I think he got a belt from a nearby Elvis costume, hmmmm!

Tigger's don't just wake up looking so takes work!

It's like trying to put make up on a hyper-grasshopper!!

Save me Tanti, save me!!!!!!! Starting to lose interest in this whole halloween costume, make-up thing!

It ain't pretty......when you have to body lock him to get the make up know you have about lost all control of the situation.

One very sad Tigger!!!

And look at that, he is happy again.

And those are the snapshots of Halloween 2009 in the Parker Family!