Life Scraps

Friday, October 16, 2009

No, I didn't drive over a cliff....

Just jumping on very quickly to say I am back from vacation. I did not have internet access while at the cabin for several days and since getting home late Wednesday, I have not felt up to being on the computer for long periods. Today I am at work playing some catch up. Tonight I have a hayride & bonfire to attend. Tomorrow is a trip to the pumpkin farm. Going to be ready for another vacation before the end of the weekend.

Mom and I had a wonderful time in TN and NC. I wanted to cry when it came time to leave the cabin Wednesday morning :( It was the most peaceful place I have ever stayed and with all the comforts of home (except internet access). We didn't even have a landline for a telephone. The cellular service was not great so not even much time to call home. However, I do not have time to go into more details now. Time to get back to work. I will post again later this weekend along with some of my favorite photo's from the trip.

Thanks for stopping by today :)