Life Scraps

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I didn't wait quite as long as the last time to post a new entry. Thought I would jump on and post some layouts I have done over the past month or so. Here goes....

This uses a template from Scrapping with Liz @ Scrap Orchard called Scrap Strip Templates as well as the kit, Summer Blues Grab Bag from LCC Amy Stoffel which is now broken in to 6 different kits!

This was to showcase Scrapping With Liz's Faded Masks set. I used the kit, Family Ties, by Tracie Stroud.

This is my own design using the kit, Dreamsicle, by LCC Amy Stoffel.

Again, using Dreamsicle. This was a scraplift of another Scrap Orchard member, Britanee. Her layout can be found HERE.

LCC Amy Stoffel & Wild Dandelion Designs teamed up to create to Preppy 101 kits. One is for the boys & one is for the girls. I used the boy theme, of course! This is my design.

5th Avenue by LCC Amy Stoffel....I {heart} this kit! It is such a great "big girl" kit!! Again, this is my own design.

This is a combination, template by Scrapping With Liz called Simple Square Temps along with the kit, Smarty Pants by LCC Amy Stoffel.

One of my favorite layout designs I have ever created without a template!! Again, this is the kit I spoke of above called Summer Blues Grab Bag that is actually now broken in to 6 separate kits in Amy Stoffel's store.

Summer Blues Grab Bag items again and my own design.

I just did this one and absolutely LOVE how it turned out. It is my design and I used the kit, Mercado Salvage by DeCrow Designs & Tangie Baxter (Studio Tangie). This fun little layout was created for an upcoming challenge I will be hosting at Scrap Orchard.

This is a template by Scrapping With Liz called, Front Page Temps and I used it to showcase a large number of photos. I am getting ready to work on one of these for the other nephew, Caiden as soon as I see if I have enough photos. Ps- I used the kit, Little Charmer by Amy Stoffel for the Paper/Elements and the Alpha is from Retro Whimsy.

Once again, Summer Blues Grab Bag by LCC Amy Stoffel. Can you tell I love love loved this kit??? My design :)

Another one using Retro Whimsy (my design) as well as Torn Bits 3 Element Pack from Creashens.

And last but not least, my design, using the kits Perfect Summer from Designs by Kat & By The Seaside from Designs by Julie Bullock.

And there you have it......I will be back hopefully this week with a post about my two weekends with Trevor & Caiden. I have lots of pics from those adventures :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm still here!!!

Wow! July 5th was the last time I posted here. That makes me so very sad :( So much has happened since then I don't know where to even begin. I will kinda make some notes of the highlights and use that as a reference on posts to make in the future with more detail.

Let's see....the big event that took place after my last post would have been Trevor's birthday. We celebrated his 2nd bday out at Brian & Andrea's place. I made his birthday cake like I did for Caiden. I realized with this last cake I do not have the patience for cake decorating. Way too much precision is needed. I will buy their cakes next year from Kruta!!! Funny note from that afternoon was when Trevor, not being closely supervised, decided to jump in his little whale shaped pool (Tanti Helen bought him) and go for a swim in is clothes and shoes! It was so hilarious!

July 15th marked the beginning of a major event at Scrap Orchard (the digi scrap site I live at). We started a month long contest with daily/weekly challenges allowing people to earn points (like a raffle ticket) for some AWESOME prizes like an IPad, Iphone, big $$ gift certificates, etc. I was promoted to an Appletini at the site (fancy name for moderator & party girl). I have been learning the ropes as well as working behind the scenes with my other 'tini girls to plan a promotion we are hosting for September! It has just been non-stop at the Orchard. I am also still the Facebook girl there as well.

Because of my recent promotion and even before that to be honest, I opted to step down from 3 of my 5 creative team jobs. It wasn't because of the scrapping requirements as much as the blogging requirements. Even if a designer didn't have a kit released, there were still blog posts to be done. I found being on 5 teams meant a minimum of 10 blog posts per month. Hence the reason I have not been on my own blog. Now I am just on the teams of LCC Amy Stoffel and Scrapping With Liz. I am already feeling the burden lifted and I have even scrapped some pages recently "just for the heck of it".

Speaking of Amy, she recently contacted me and asked me to write the catchy little kit descriptions for all her new releases. I am so honored she asked. And all because of a blog post I did for her that caught her eye with my words.

We just celebrated Mom's birthday this past weekend by gathering at Olive Garden (her favorite restaurant) and then going back to their house for cake. It was a house full of people and two toddlers running around like wild things......FUN!!

Did you notice the new ad at the top of my page??? The one that reads Digiscrap-apalooza?? I am so incredibly psyched to be planning a trip to Las Vegas in the spring of 2011. The chance to meet all these fabulous (and oh so crazy) gals I have been chatting with online now for 2 years just makes me giddy with excitement!

Well, that's all I have time for right now. Sorry, no pics today. But, now that I have a little more time on my hands I hope to be back sooner than 5 weeks and 2 days from now!!