Life Scraps

Monday, July 5, 2010


Since my last post {far too long ago} I finished Breaking Dawn; watched Twilight twice; watched New Moon three times and today..........................I saw Eclipse on the big screen. That would be the reason for my squeeeeeeee!!! The best movie so far in so many ways. The directing was & wardrobe was right on.....special effects were intense and I have to admit that even Kristin's acting skillz improved some. The absolute best part though???? More of Jacob without his shirt. Yep, I admit it.....the boy is just too smokin'! I fell in love with Edward from the books and know beyond a doubt had I never read the books and just watched the movies that would not be the case. The books go into so much more detail about why Edward does what he does and is how he is. I also fell in love with Jacob long before seeing the movies or laying eyes on Taylor Lautner. Yes, he was childish but come on, he was 16, had raging boy & wolf hormones but he truly loved Bella and wanted to protect her no matter the cost! The body that came with the movies was icing on the cake in my book! Just sayin'.

Here are some scrapbooking layouts I did using Amy Stoffel's Breathe Me kit. The first one says it all..............I refuse to choose between them. Nope, I will forever love them both for different reasons!!!

I love this one because it shows the books and since these are the first books I have read in a LOT of years it is a special layout for me!

Ok, moving on from my obsession of all things Twilight!! Like I said, it has been far too long since I have blogged. Probably because I am so busy blogging & creating for designers as well as keeping up with things at Scrap Orchard so I can post FB posts for them. I am not complaining, however, I do miss my own personal bloggy time.

I recently revamped my scrapbook room and took it from a messy, scary and basically not some place to be creative to organized, cheerful and a place I am proud to be in! Here is a few shots of the cuteness....

Yeah, I think I should have a "wear your sunglasses" warning on the door to the room, lol. Isn't it so stinkin' cute? Sorry, I know that is brag-a-docious but I just love the colors!!

Getting ready to head out and meet a friend for dinner and do some planning for an upcoming single's event later this month.....a progressive dinner! So, I need to cut this short.