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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cherohala Skyway or Bust!!!

I am so stinkin' excited!!! In 4 days mom and I leave for vacation. Tybee Island, GA had to be scratched for reasons too lengthy to go into. I was very disheartened by this change of events since this would have been my first ever beach vacation.
However, when one door closes on the beach, another opens to the mountains. Funny how I always end up in the mountains. As I have worked on planning this "amended" trip since 9/28, slowly the excitement has grown. I am, and always will be, a mountain girl at heart. I am humbled by the massiveness of them towering up toward the heavens. And to think, those huge mountains are but a foot stool for God. I think that is why I am so humbled by them.

I am going east this time, not west :( Considering the last 2 years have been spent in the Rockies & San Juans, I am ready to see the Apalachians again. Our trip highlight will be the scenic drive along the Cherohala Skyway between Tellico Plains, TN and Robbinsville, NC. It will be a breathtaking drive through both the Cherokee Natl in TN & Natahala Natl in NC Forests. Our highest elevation will be a few hundred feet over 1 mile. I am hoping the weather cooperates somewhat and we don't contend with rain the entire time. I am trusting God to take care of that :)

After our Skyway drive we will go south to Murphy, NC where we have a gorgeous cabin reserved for 3 nights. It is owned by a couple that lives on the property. It was actually their vacation home turned full-time home for a number of years before they built a larger home on the land. Our cabin is fully furnished & equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, satellite TV & mountain views from the large porch. All this for just $80 per night. Hello? Can I get an "OH YEAH!!!"???

The only downer to the trip is the fact my vehicle needs over $400 worth of work to prepare for the journey through the mountains. Oil change, rotate/balance tires & ALL my brakes need replaced. Ouch! I wasn't too surprised....just hoping maybe they weren't that far gone. Better to be safe than sorry is my motto when driving in the mountains!!!
I leave you with some eye-candy photos taken from the website for the cabin!!!