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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wal Mart Insanity!!!

Today is Halloween. I had an appointment at 11 to get my hair cut and colored. Yes, I admit, I color. A girl does what a girl has to do, lol.

After getting my hair done I had to go to Wal Mart for some goodies for the boys for Halloween. I NEVER go to WM on a Saturday afternoon on a regular day and I am going to go on HALLOWEEN?? Am I nuts? Well, that is why I thought I could go and withstand the stupidity....because the worst of the PMS was over. Had it not been, well, my choice would have been Walgreens or KMart because Walmart & me w/PMS do NOT mix. No, usually my favorite time of day to be at WM is in the wee hours of the morning before the crowds come out.

So, I go in, get a cart, ask for a sanitizing wipe to kill any H1N1 or other viruses on the handle and proceed through the store. It doesn't take long before I am rolling my eyes. I seriously think Rules Of The Road pamphlets should be handed out as you go through the doors at WM.....sames rules apply folks!

...Drive your cart down the right (not left) side of the aisles. Unless you live in Europe, that is.

...Look both ways before you dart out of a side aisle.

...Yield to oncoming carts when crossing aisles.

...Pull over to the far side of the aisle before coming to a complete stop to browse the shelves.

...Don't pass the cart in front of you when there isn't enough room to do so.

Pretty basic stuff but I swear most people walk into WM, grab a cart and become complete _________ (fill in the blank with your own expletive).

So, got the goodies I needed and left without having an anxiety attack. Guess a little of the PMS was still hanging on, oops!

Now I am home for a little while before heading to see Trevor in his Tigger costume and then Blake & Caiden as a Power Ranger & clown.

I am watching The Butterfly Effect while I post this entry. No matter how hard I try I have to stop and watch this movie when it is on. Have you ever seen it? One of those movies that boggles your mind every 10-15 minutes and an ending that blows the mind completely. Love it!!

So, can't post without showing some of the layouts I have done since the last post. So glad the mojo is back.

A favorite layout using a kit from called Impressions of Tradition. I actually scraplifted this from another scrapper at SBG. This is Trevor having fun on Grandma & Grandpa's livingroom coffee table.

And this is a layout of Trevor having a meltdown. I used a kit called aPEARantly by Studio Rosey Posey at SBG. Hah! I love these photos. I told the family I have to do LO's using these kinds of photos so they don't grow up and look back thinking they were totally sweet, adorable, angels ALL the time.

Just playong around with an awesome kit by Irene Alexeeva called Amazing Snowland. I love her fairytale designs but rarely buy them because it is not my scrapping style. However, I fell in love with this kit and had to have a go at it. This is an old photo of Trevor from when he was about 4 1/2 months old.

This is a quick LO I did just last night out of the blue. I actually did the layout you see below of Caiden and the photo reminded me of a photo I had of his daddy, Josh, from around the same age. I searched and found the photo and decided to crank out one more layout before I turned in for the night. I like the whitespace & pops of red....a fave combo of mine :) I used the kits Wonderful World by Ettes & Co. and Scraps & Snaps from The Daily Digi.

This is one I did for a "Make It Snappy" speed scrap over at Scrap Orchard last night. Our instructions were to use 6 papers (yikes), a bracket shape of some kind, 1 photo framed/outlined, a tree/limb/branch/etc, flowers, sparkly item of choice, journaling. This was the result. I adore this photo of Caiden. Just chillin' in the corn pit. I used the kits August by Amy Stoffel & Pumpkin Patch by Tracie Stroud.


Erin said...

you're very talented. wonderful layouts!