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Thursday, June 17, 2010


If you are a Twerd aka Fanpire aka lover of the Twilight Saga Series then you understand the title of my post!

I just finished the 3rd book in the series, Eclipse. Today I move on to Breaking Dawn. I am told it will blow my mind so I am very excited to start it.

I was asked if I was Team Edward or Team Jacob. My answer is complicated much like Bella is, lol. It wasn't until near the end of New Moon (#2) that I was able to get past Edwards physical characteristics of being a vampire such as 1. no heartbeat 2. icy cold 3. rock hard 4. sucks blood to sustain his existence. However, who he IS inside is what makes me swoon over him. He is steady---loving to a fault---protective (not controlling)---a gentleman. Jacob has great qualities, too. First off, he is human (when not phased into a wolf, that is). He is majorily hot in more ways than one :) He is more spontaneous & silly than Edward BUT also can be a bit too childish & unpredictable. I love Jacob but it is Edward I choose in the end. I guess that could change before I am done with Breaking Dawn. I have been wrong about so many things when it came to this book series.

Ahhhh, the first in the series....what hooked me!!
#2.....I fell for Edward near the end!

#3 Nail biting from one chapter to the next....

#4 I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A sideline book based on a character very briefly introduced at the end of Eclipse. I have this in my possession ready to read when I am done with Breaking Dawn

I would love to get this, too :)

And there it addiction laid out before you :)