Life Scraps

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sneak Peek....

I have been inspired to give my old scrapbook room a makeover. I never sold my traditional supplies so I boxed it all up. In recent months I have dabbled in hybrid (combination of digital & traditional scrapbooking). I want to do more but it is a pain digging through boxes and working in a room that has become a "catch all" for everything I want out of my sight. A few days ago I watched a video of one of my online digi friends and her SBR made me green with envy. There is no reason for me to go as elaborate as hers is but it did make me want to revamp my own room.

So, this weekend I moved the dehumidfier (ok, my brother did it for me....darn thing is heavy) back to the basement get it dried out. I sprayed the gazillion spiders with Home Defense spray and pray they DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {major shudder} After a week or two of letting the dehum do its job and hopefully have a de-spidered basement I am going to pack up everything in the room currently and get it all moved out so I can have an empty space to work with.

I contemplated painting over the paneling but since I am going with a bright/happy theme of colors and my current walls are already light in color, I didn't see the need to paint. It wasn't hard to talk myself out of that part of the project. While shopping I found an awesomely cute area rug with colors that even from several aisles away jumped out at me and screamed "Helen!!!! Buy me!!!!!" And so, I did. That rug would become the basis of the entire color theme. From there I was like a Edward or Jacob on the trail of Victoria.....FOCUSED on one thing! Okay, sorry for the Twilight reference.....not really :) I have (as you can see in the photo below) a very very good start on the decor end of things. The next step (after the room is empty) is to measure and decide what kind of table & cubes/organizers I want to go with. I may stay with my little rect fold out table or I may go with a full size fold out table...I just don't know yet.

One thing I DO know is this.....the room has no windows at all. So, I bought these sheer, hot pink curtains and a long rod to hang them on. I plan to take the wall you face as you walk in the room and hang these curtains up. I want to find a pretty, framed print of a colorful garden or something to match the decor and hang it up behind the curtains to give the effect of a window. Under the print I will have (maybe) a 3ftx3ft set of cube organizers that will hold bins & other things.

Here is a photo of all the goods I have to decorate with so far and a scrapped page to give an idea of the faux window scene I want to create.

Of course, my curtains will be lying flat, not blowing in a breeze that doesn't reallye exist, lol