Life Scraps

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On The Road Again....

The road to weight loss, that is! I'm saddled up.....I have strapped myself in.....I am raring to go!!! Okay, maybe "raring" is not a good choice of words. That makes it sound like I am all happy & excited about this trip. That really isn't the case. I am ready. I am willing. Just not excited. But, you know what? Commitment to people...goals...things is not something we always "feel" like doing. If I didn't come to work every time I didn't FEEL like it, I would be out of a job :) And so, I commit to starting this journey again. I commit to not letting past failures dictate future achievements. I commit to ME!

That's all I wanted to come on and say....that and check out my weight loss ticker at the top of my blog. Keep an eye on my progress!!!