Life Scraps

Friday, May 14, 2010


I overheard a conversation between two co-workers this morning that leaves me a bit sad AND joyful at the same time.

The one co-worker said "You know, I used to get so frustrated going to work everyday just trying to make ends meet. I always wondered 'what is the purpose for all of this'? Then, I had grandchildren and it all made sense. They make it all worthwhile. They give me purpose." This is paraphrased a bit.

Hmmm, what about the people who will never experience having children or grandchildren? Does that mean they will not have any purpose for their lives? What a sad thought to think the only way purpose is highlighted in our lives is through grandchildren. I am not saying that having grandchildren is sad nor is taking joy from their existence. However, I do NOT believe that is the sole "purpose" for our lives on this round ball we call earth.

Our purpose is to bring glory to the One who created us through whatever life situation we are in. Whether that situation is where He has placed us or where we, by our own choices, have placed ourselves. Our purpose is to show others that "life on this earth" is just temporary. We have a much grander home waiting for us eternally in Heaven IF we choose it. And it IS a choice...not an automatic shoe-in based on how good we are.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a mini-sermon. The words I heard just struck a chord in me. Reminding me that MY purpose is far greater than what is in this world. My purpose lies beyond this temporal life. From one who may never know what it is like to grow old with her spouse or have a child all her own....take joy in whatever God has given you. He has given me much to be thankful for despite what I may not have. How about you? What you thankful for today?