Life Scraps

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 9 of the journey....

Did you see my weight loss ticker at the top of the page? No? Look up! Yep, down 5 lbs. To be very, very precise (which I like to be when I am counting lbs) 5.2 lbs.

That was on weigh-in day, 5/10. Saturday morning I had this urge to get on the scale even though I had two days before official weigh-in. But, I was up, showered & had not eaten yet and for whatever reason, the scale just kept calling out my name. Didn't know I had a talking scale did you? It is only programmed to say "nice" things to me, though. LOL! I gave in and stepped on. Then I stepped right back off. Waited. Stepped back on. read 4.4 lbs less. Wow! I really didn't think I would lose as much my first official week on Weight Watcher's because the week prior to beginning WW's I had already upped my water intake. Thus, I made many many many trips to the bathroom. That is much of what you lose the first week of starting a new healthy lifestyle program. Notice I don't use the "D" word? Never. I seriously figured I peed out like 2lbs the week before I started WW's. So, to see 4.4 lbs less was rather exhilarating.

With Sunday being Mother's Day and the day BEFORE my weigh-in I planned ahead to be extra good with my eats. I marinated some boneless/skinless chicken breasts (hormone/preservative free at that) and made a huge salad with all my favorite veggies. I was also very happy to find Hendrickson's Sweet Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing on the market shelf. Only 1 point for a full TBSP but you really need very little on your salad to make it tasty. I bypassed the cheesy potato casserole & the brownies. Lemme tell ya....those brownies were doing their very best to drag me over to their little corner of the counter. I was very happy with my chicken and TWO helpings of salad but wow, I wanted something chocolate....BAD!
The brownies were all but forgotten when I stepped on the scale and read 5.2 lb decrease. Now, hear me when I say........I WILL eat a brownie at some point. I love me some chocolate. Right now, I have chocolate Teddy Grahams, Skinny Cow Chocolate/Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches, FF Chocolate Pudding cups all in my kitchen at the moment. If there is one thing about WW's (at least for me) is that I rarely feel deprived. I eat what I want but I make better choices about the yummies I eat & how much I eat.

I will leave you with one layout. Oh, I have more but just this one for today. This is a layout using a charity collaboration kit (not yet released), called Perspective. When I was asked personally to create something using this lovely kit I was honored. I knew instantly what I wanted to scrap about. Me. This will be the first page in my weight loss journey scrapbook that I am going to make.

It takes courage to persevere.....

Lyrics: I've been here before. Now here I am again. Standing at the door. Praying you'll let me back in. To label me a hypocrite would be, only scratching the surface of who I've been known to be. Turn me around. Pick me up. Undo what I've become. Bring me back to the place of forgiveness and grace. I need you. Need your help. I can't do this myself. Cause you're the only one, who can undo, what I've become.