Life Scraps

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just popping in on this Sunday morning before I start getting ready for church to say hello. Hello!!!! It is Memorial Day weekend, which generally means a 3 day weekend for many hard working folks. I apologize in advance if you are not one of the lucky ones to have Monday off :( This weekend has long since become a "summer kick off" marker weekend. I would love to know the statistics that show just how many bottles of BBQ sauce, packages of pork steaks-hot dogs-brats & burgers are sold and how many gallons of iced tea are consumed on this one day alone!

My Sunday school group has a gathering every year to kick things off, although, this year we will be missing several people but I won't elaborate on that! I am very excited to say I was told to take Tuesday off work so my 3 day weekend is now FOUR!!! Thank you made my month :)

I have been busy keeping up with the (now) FIVE creative teams I am on for digital scrapboooking. I just recently applied to be on the team for Scrapping With Liz. Liz makes amazing template sets. The only reason I applied after saying "no more" was because she is exclusively at Scrap Orchard where 3 of my other teams are. I have to use 100% Orchard products in two of the 3 layouts I do for her each month so that will be easy-peasy and allows me to kill two birds with one stone, so-to-speak. I realize unless you are a fellow digi-scrapaholic and on a CT you have no idea what I am talking about. Trust me, it's a good thing. However, the one thing that takes SO much time when it comes to being on CT's is getting the layouts your create for your designers posted in all the various galleries. Along with that, keeping track of the links so your designers know 100% you are keeping up with your end of the bargain. And, there is the enabling.........I totally stink at this. So, I took a night recently and reorganized myself for the upcoming June requirements. I created a word document that has various things that need filled in for each kit I work with for a designer. It has a place for the kit/store to the product in the store it is sold at...URL link of the kit preview (for enabling)...a place to put the various gallery links when I post the completed layouts...a place for links for any enabling I do with that kit. This document is stored in its' own folder inside the specific folder that houses the actual kit. I have also started going through my pictures and copying pics to this folder as well. That way, even if I cannot scrap a page right then, I have an idea of some photos I would like to scrap with for that kit. I feel very excited to try out my method for June to see if I can do a better job for my designers and not feel stressed in the process. After all, this is a hobby and it shouldn't stress me out!

Well, I need to be cutting this short. I have gobs of layouts posted. Here goes:

Created with Walking On Sunshine by Tracie Stroud & Jennifer Barrette. The wave shapes were taken from a Wave On Wave template set by Amanda Heimann
This was for a Speed Scrap at Scrap Orchard yesterday afternoon!!! This is by far my favorite SS layout ever!

Created with Serendipity by SuzyQ Scraps

Created with Birthday Bash by Wild Dandelion Designs & Nee Nee Designs

Using the same kit as above.

Using Fancy Free by Wild Dandelion Designs & a template from Scrapping With Liz called Heart Templates

Created using the kit, Curious, by LCC Amy Stoffel & a template from the set, Variety Temps, by Scrapping With Liz

Created using The Happiest Grab Bag from Wild Dandelion Designs & Tracey Howard. The template is from Lots of Circles set by Scrapping With Liz

Created using Dino Safari from Brandy Designs

Created using Refreshed by LCC Amy Stoffel. The wave cut out was created using a wave shape from the Wave On Wave template set by Amanda Heimann Designs

Created using Curious by LCC Amy Stoffel

Created using Going Green by Amanda Heimann
This was done for a May Lift Challenge for Amanda Heimann's blog. I lifted this layout from Chelle (aka Roxxygerlie)

This was created using Lucky The Kit by Amanda Heimann Designs
I created this for a blog post for Amanda's blog last week.

Well, I told you I had lots to show you. Have a great memorial day and be safe!