Life Scraps

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This little girl has my heart!!!!!

She is my Baby-girl, my Puddin'-pop, my Silly McGilly, my Sassy Mafrassy and a zillion other goofy nicknames I have for her. I am not just her HUMAN, I am her mommy and when she is suffering, I am suffering. Four weeks ago today, I had her at the vet for an insane case of itching & scratching. She received a cortizone shot which helped dramatically. But, as steroids go, it wore off and she is right back to itching terribly again. So, another 2 hour round trip to the vet for another shot. I am praying it is the allergins in the air still and not something in MY house that she is allergic to. All I know is this....I want her to feel better again. If I had the meds and the ability to administer them to her, I would. Gosh, I can't believe how sick it makes me feel to know I cannot really help her right now. Other than giving her a dose of children's Benadryl and taking her next door to my mom & dad's to see if that brings some relief. They called and it seems she is much calmer and not scratching like she was. I will find out when I go to get her shortly if it is my house. If she gets back here and becomes stressed & starts scratching obsessively again, I think Grandma & Grandpa just became surrogants to a Papillon for the night & tomorrow until the trip to the vet!