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Monday, January 17, 2011

January 16, 2011

Yesterday, our family (minus Jesse & Angie) gathered at Mom & Dad's to honor Dad's 75th birthday.....what a milestone!!!! His birthday was actually on the 12th but since Brian & Andrea live so far away and Brian is working in the evenings during the week, we try to hold these functions on the weekend.

As with any get together we have hosted since "the boys" arrived in May & July of is never boring, lol. Now that they are rounding the corner to the ripe old age of 3 they are two sticks of dynamite ready to explode at any given moment.....and they often do. Sometimes, it is an explosion of laughter and other times an explosion of a tantrum.

Here are some photos from the afternoon........our guest of honor with his hip new MP3 player!!!

Here are a series of 5 photos where Caiden (thanks to Tanti's prompting) turned in to a vicious dinosaur and proceeded to attack Trevor. I love the look on both of their faces in this first photo. Caiden mustering up all his dino-powers and Trevor is like "um, Tanti....are you going to save me?"

And, the attack of the Caidendinosaurus begins.....


Trevor attempts to use his Spidy-powers to stop the Caidendinosaurus from attacking....

Hee-hee, I love when I snap at just the right moment.....this looks like slo-mo!

Trevor LOVES his trucks!

And, he REALLY loves his CARS! Here we have Doc Hudson, Sheriff, Ramon, Tex, another Ramon, Lightening McQueen, Sally & Mator.....the entire cast from the movie, Cars! He is just a little obsessed :)

Okay, this one is kinda gross but it is just so TREVOR....mouth wide open being a goofball! He was eating lasagna in case you were wondering.

And this is classic Caiden......on the opposite side of the spectrum from Trevor (most of the time). Don't get me wrong, this boy can let his presence be known, too. I love this photo and cannot wait to scrap it!!!!

That was how January 16, 2011 was lived.........who could ask for anything more?