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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life in Fast Forward!

I didn't realize it had been 7 days since my last post. Yikes, I rarely go that long. But, life has been just a wee bit busy of late. I feel like someone has hit the "fast forward" button!
While work is still on the slow side we are still extremely busy because we are getting ready to relocate our business at the end of this month. That means packing up the items at our current place, cleaning/painting/repairings things at the new place....all the while trying to conduct business as usual, lol.

Last weekend was a blur for me and I just have no clue where the past week went either. Between doctor appts for my aunt, birthday parties, eyeglasses breaking, meetings with alarm monitoring & telephone system was just go-go-go. I kept losing track of what day in the week it was. When Friday came I didn't really remember it.

I have found time in the evenings before crashing to do some scrapbooking. BTW, about my glasses breaking. That was such a blessing in disguise. I have noticed headaches in the evenings after I had scrapbooked for a while. I just thought my eyes were plain tired. Come to find out, my near-sightedness has improved and the glasses I had were too strong so my eyes were working to compensate. I knew things had changed some with my prescription but didn't realize how "unclear" I was seeing until I put my new glasses on. It made me want to break out into song.....I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW, THE RAIN IS GONE....GONNA BE A BRIGHT, BRIGHT, SUN SHINY DAY! Enough of that (be thankful you only had to read lyrics and not listen).
Here are some of the things I have been SBing.....

Caiden with his Nana Julie. He had just been to see the Easter Bunny there where Nana works! Caiden in his bunny ears! Isn't he just too stinkin' cute? This is my first real attempt at photo extractions and I am very happy how it turned out. Julie did a great job choosing a solid, dark background for Caiden to sit in front of. That is what allowed me to create the extractions. Ahhh, my mostest favorite drink....Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappucino! YUM-O!! I am taking a Photoshop Elements Intermediate class through in order to learn my program a bit more. For our first week we had to create a brush. I chose to create an arrow. We then had to use the brush created in a layout...hence my layout above :)

This is a LO I did for a template challenge at I think GoDigital (ha, I can't remember right now). I chose more photos from my trip to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield.

Well, that is about all. This was a long post but that is what I get for waiting 7 days to blog. I will try to be better but I make no promises:)

Happy Easter!

~Jesus Is Risen~