Life Scraps

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As promised...some layouts

I told you I would post some layouts of the birthday photos taken at Caiden's 1st birthday party last weekend. Here they are....

A series of photos showing Caiden not so happy about his birthday cake. Poor little guy!

Another one using cake photos and a bit of journaling so Caiden will know just what was happening that day.
The big boy opening his presents. Well, he mostly just tried to chew on the wrapping paper but I still give him an E for effort.

Okay, this photo will take a little 'splaining. Caiden loves music and when he hears a beat, if he is sitting on his bottom, he will start to do this wiggle dance with his shoulders. It could almost be likened to someone trying to know, when they put their arms straight out to the sides and do that wave thing from one hand to the other? Do you know what I am talking about? Well, that is what Caiden looks like only he just wiggles his shoulders. My brother and I both said he looks like the gopher from the movie, Caddy Shack, when he does that little dance in the movie. Caiden....our little gopher boy!!!

One of two layouts I did using some photos of Caiden & Mommy. This photo I changed to b&w and then brought out the color of their tops. I just love how this turned out.

And here is the other one....kinda the opposite of the one above.