Life Scraps

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Caiden!!!

We celebrated Caiden Ryan's 1st birthday on Saturday. He actually turns ONE officially on Tuesday the 19th. After he finally woke from his nap (this is a must for a 1 year old) we stripped him down to his diaper and put him in his highchair. Yep, you guessed it...time for his first birthday cake. So, with camera's poised and ready to start shooting the moment, Caiden watches as his cake is sat in front of him. He looks around as if he wants to ask "what do I do now?". He grabs the candle (unlit) off the little cake still unsure what is happening. Daddy takes some icing off using his finger and puts it to Caiden's mouth. Caiden tastes it but does not seem too enthused. Daddy then proceeds to take Caiden's hand and smoosh it into the cake. Yeah, that went over like a ton of bricks. He did NOT like that at all. Bless his little heart he starts to cry. He did flash a few silly smiles but he did not want anything to do with the cake. We decided it was a combination of three things.....#1 It was not a Kruta Bakery cake #2 He is like his daddy and doesn't care for sweets #3 He is like his mommy and has an O-C-D about getting dirty. Well, we got him all cleaned up and changed his diaper and he was a happy boy again. We moved on to presents. Big brother Blake and little cousin Trevor helped open them. Then after the gifts were opened we cut the REAL bday cake, a true KRUTA cake and Caiden scarfed that down like there was no tomorrow. Now he was on a sugar high so Daddy turned up some music and Caiden proceeded to shake his booty for us. He loves music!! Here are some photos of the day. Layouts to come later.