Life Scraps

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Moments 2009

Since I am confined to sitting I decided to do some scrapping of photographs I took yesterday at our family Christmas gathering. Here are a few photo highlights of Trevor & Caiden in a completed layout.

A little background on each photo:

Top Center: Trevor was actually sitting behind Caiden on the rocking horse but
Caiden's head was turned and I love the express on Trev's face here!
Top Right: Trevor rocking his heart out....the boy L.O.V.E.D. his rocky horse!
Center Far Left: Trevor was more interested in picking up the bows (and
stealing them off unwrapped gifts) & putting them on his head than he
was of opening his gifts (toddlers!)
Center Center: A sweet smile of Caiden captured. He was playing with Cousin
Mikey at this very moment. He was captivated by his new friend!
Center Right: A photo of Caiden wearing the hand knitted "camo" hat Tanti
Helen bought for him off
Bottom: No real explanation needed here. Caiden received the exact rocky
horse from his Great Grandpa 2 weeks ago and he was seriously confused
when this one suddenly appeared on the scene. He didn't understand it was
Trev's horse. To keep the brawls to a minimum we put them both on it at
once. Just then Caiden goes into his "Stone Cold Steve Austin Mode".

Well, I am off to make some coffee before viewing church service live via the internet! Will be back later with more posts probably!