Life Scraps

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Intangible gifts

It is Sunday morning. 7:10 a.m. Can barely move without wincing in pain from a fall taken yesterday. Yesterday. Our family celebrated a belated Christmas. Fourteen adults/teenagers. Two toddlers. Two dogs. And, enough food to feed twice that many. It was a day full of giving and receiving. Not just the tangible but the intangible, too. The joy that comes from watching Trevor sitting atop his new, handmade rocking horse with a face beaming as he rocked his heart out is priceless. The laughter generated by watching Caiden run from one end of the house to the other with a gold bow stuck to the top of his head is immeasurable. Yes, the intangible blessings far outweigh the tangible ones.

About the fall. Oy! I guess with 13 people shoved into an area that should only hold half that number it can only be expected. As I stepped down into the family room, someone sitting on the floor moved their leg at the wrong moment. In my effort to not put full weight on her foot I lost my balance and fell forward. To my chagrin, directly in front of me was my nephew, Caiden. In mid-fall I twist my body to miss him. Next in line was Julie. Poor Julie. Bless Julie. She held out her arms and I grabbed her hand, which I think allowed me to finally come to rest on my left knee and eventually my left side. Did I mention I was holding my camera by its’ strap during this fall? Andrea may have grabbed it but I do not remember. Needless to say this morning I cannot move without intense pain shooting through my lower back. I believe I will have to REMAIN in my home and listen to today’s sermon via the web.