Life Scraps

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank you God...for electric blankets!!!

I did it! I forked out the $$ for an electric blanket tonight. With temps down in the single digits and wind chills dipping below zero my livingroom just doesn't get warm. Only if I crank the furnace up and let it run constantly!! Frankly, that is like taking 1/2 my paycheck and just flushing it down the toilet. But, I can't stand being cold. I really only need it when I am in my recliner playing on the computer (which is alot, hahaha). I don't need it when I sleep as I actually prefer to be a bit cool and my bedroom is not so drafty so it's comfortable.

So, tonight while at K-Mart with Aunt Maggie I stopped to look at the blankets I NEVER thought I would own. At first I saw $49.99 and was like "no way....I will find a way to stay warm". Then I realized they are different sizes so I found a twin size and it was only $29.99. Oh yeah, that's a number I can swallow.

I am happy to report this post is being typed by one happy, cozy-warm, blogger girl! I have to share this funny with you before I go. I sent a text to my aunt letting her know I was warm & snuggly under my electric blanky. She texted me back "oh, I didn't know it was electric. where am I?" Her favorite saying when she gets confused is 'where am I'. My reply "You crack me up. Do you think I would spend that much money on a regular blanket? Only if it came with a cute guy to snuggle under it with." [sigh] No cute guy so I have to settle for an electric blanket.

Good night....I am off to turn down the furnace some more!