Life Scraps

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life as usual...busy

It's been a few days since I posted anything. That is because I have been busy? Does anyone else know what that is like?? LOL!!

Saturday afternoon I welcomed my 8 month old nephew, Trev, into my little home for his very 1st ever overnight stay away from Mommy & Daddy. Trevor took it in stride and was cracking up laughing as they drove away. They on the other hand had a bit harder time. Everyone survived the 24 hour separation. Trev and I had 1 hour of tenseness as he loves to fight going to sleep and he just wanted his MOM-MA-MA-MA!! Here is a LO I did of him playing Sunday morning before we got ready for church:

I took Trev home Sunday after church and eating lunch and was completely exhausted by the time arrived home early evening.

Aunt Maggie was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. Several days earlier than I had planned for. So, I am back at her house playing nurse again. I do not have internet access at her house :(

I have several projects going on at the moment. One of which is a tribute album showcasing all the love-filled signs from around our area stating people were praying for our church after the tragedy of losing our Pastor on March 8th to a gunman in the sanctuary during early service. I am also filling the album with pages of scripture references, too.

I am gearing up for April when I have a new month of CT responsibilities at Pretty Scrappy. March has been a blur with all the events that have unfolded but God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. He is my REFUGE.....and my STRONG TOWER!

Check back soon as I will post some of the 4x6 album pages from the tribute SIGNS of LOVE album I am making. Tootles!!!