Life Scraps

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sometimes it just works!!

I really love when I finish a layout and it turns out far greater than my intentions. I am not trying to brag....I just really love how this came out. The photo of Trevor is one I almost discarded as "not quite right for scrapping" but I was looking at the overall picture but when I did a double take and really studied the look on his face, the hat tilted and the ever so slight smirk under whatever that is he is chewing on....well, then I knew I had to use it...just crop it down! I have also been wanting to sharpen my "blending" technique skills. My monochromatic color theme was inspired by Trev's camo hat. As simple as the LO appears, it took me a good hour to complete. Add an element....remove it. Put the photo here....move it over there. I am so in to the "rule of thirds" after reading an article recently about it. If you are not aware of it, it is like placing an invisible tic-tac-toe grid on your blank scrapbook page and then place the focal picture at one of the 4 intersecting grid lines as they say this is where the eye is naturally drawn to. Not sure I did justice with my description or not. Anyway, in my own personal opinion, this LO goes in my book as one of my top 3 favorites to date. I just love when something works!!! The kit I used to create this is called "Puddles of Play"...a collab kit from

If you follow my blog enough, you know most of my work revolves around 2 very adorable, very photogenic boys named Trevor & Caiden. You may or may not know that I can feel a bit guilty when I do a LO of 1 of them and not one for the other. I start to feel like I am playing favorites. So, in keeping with my guilt O-C-D I had to post this LO I did of Caiden. It was taken the same day as the photo of Trevor in the other LO was. I love the look on Caiden's face....the look of 98% orneryness!!!! Most think Trevor will be the ornery one....I tend to think Caiden will hold his own in this department :) The kit for this layout is called "Funk-a-licious" and is due to be released at on April 1st. It's the new collab kit!!!

And finally, a LO with BOTH favoritism here, LOL. I love this photo. Look close, Caiden has both arms straight up in the air. The term "I Surrender" is the first thing that came to my if Trevor is threatening to head-butt Caiden if he doesn't. Too stinkin' funny I tell ya. This kit is "Live Laugh Love" by Designs by Angel at and being released April 1st!!!

Well, that is about all from me in the world of digi-scrappin'. The rest of my world is crazy so scrapping is my stress reliever. Lots of changes going on at work (and that is all I can say right now). This upcoming weekend is filled to the gills with stuff Saturday & Sunday. My singles Sunday school group is cleaning the house in preparation for the arrival of our new Minister of Education and his wife, John & Beth Harris. After cleaning we are having a discussion about an upcoming Singles Event we are trying to put together for later this year. Sunday will be spent pretty much all day with my church family in one form or another. I have a feeling Molly will have to go spend some time at Grandma & Grandpa's because she will think she has been abandoned!