Life Scraps

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Sanctuary

Inspiration comes from many places....even grief. I feel compelled to keep my mind focused on the things of God, now more than ever. My friend, Sheila, took this photograph our church barely 24 hours before tragedy struck within. She, like so many of us, regard this place as our safe place of refuge....a place where we can go to draw near to our feel safe from the world outside. That all changed yesterday. We are left with the mighty task of picking up the pieces and find a new sense of normalcy. Thankfully, our God will give each of a measure of strength and courage to do this. Some will take longer than others. HE will never leave our side and will catch every tear that falls.

I did this layout this morning before leaving for work. I find scrapbooking calms me...helps me focus on anything but the details.