Life Scraps

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cletus Take The Reel

It has been on crazy busy Friday at work. I am just whipped. Whipped, I tell ya! Gonna have to squeeze me in a nap before going out tonight. How old does that make me sound, I ask? Well, this is the big 4-0 year so what else do I expect, lol.

Going to see a fabulously funny comedian tonight at church. His name is Tim Hawkins and folks let me tell you, I will have tears from laughing so hard. Seriously. Some dear friends bought me a ticket so I wouldn't miss out this year. Thanks girlz!!

Here is one of Tim's video's called Cletus Take The Reel. If you know the song, Jesus Take The Wheel, by Carrie Underwood then you will LOVE this parody! Hope you enjoy. If you want to see more of his work then head on over HERE to see more!