Life Scraps

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, I realized I had not posted some of the several layouts I have done recently. Here we go! And btw, all the images are linked to my gallery posts where you can find the credits for which kits I used (just click the image if you want to know).

I Did It!!!
I did the layout above as a challenge to myself. See, I am terrified of using patterned BG paper on my LO's. If you ever browse my gallery you will see I mainly use solids or something with a faint design. I asked for CC on this layout from some of my girlz at Scrap Orchard and one thing that was mentioned was making my buttons/tag smaller. I giggled and told them I must have an "eye-to-brain perception disorder" because I often don't see things as being too large in my layouts until AFTER they come back to me in print, LOL!

Tanti's Shoes
Trevor LOVES to wear big people shoes. He, however, does NOT like to wear his own and will take them off every chance he gets. He is like his Tanti in that respect. I love summer when I can wear flip flops & let my toes, albeit ugly toes, be free!

Sweet Heart Angel
I did this for some challenge....can't remember what. This is my Molly girl from a few years ago. Anyone that knows Molly knows she is not an angel. Although, she does love Angel Soft toilet's everywhere in my shreds! Thanks Angel-Girl!

Some pics of me a few years ago when I chopped off my hair & donated it to Locks of Love.

God Is There
It is fun sometimes to do a layout that doesn't contain a photograph. Here I used a Word Art from Elegant Word Art by Bethany and a new kit from a new designer at Scrap Orchard. I loved the WA so much I decided to make it the focal point along with some 'from the heart' journaling about it.

That catches me up on posting my recent work. Have a great day & thanks for stopping by!!