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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Memory Lapse!!

Found this amazing photograph of double hearts cast upon an open Bible. Thought is was appropriate since today is Valentine's Day and Jesus gave us the perfect gift through his sacrifice on the cross! Image below is linked to the photog's Flickr post!!

Woke up early today and it never occurred to me it was the actual day of Valentine's Day. Duh! There are really only 2 reasons I needed to remember this little bit of trivia.

#1....I would have found "something" red or pink to wear to church rather than blue. I told everyone I was color blind and thought I was really wearing red.

#2....I would have called my Aunt and wished her a happy birthday well before 5 p.m.!!!!!!

Come on there a leak up there??? Are you losing oxygen??? Why oh why can't I remember ANYTHING anymore?

Well, I guess we know what is really important because I did remember Challenge #3 was out there in digi-world somewhere this morning. I found it and even created a LO before getting ready for church.

Here is what I did. This is all contingent upon my partner not wanting to do something more "alike" for our pages. I am waiting to confer with her before I post this in the galleries. If we go a different route then I look at it like this....I have a cute LO done.

Well, I am very tired. Need to put the computer (and me) to sleep. More later. Thanks for stopping by.