Life Scraps

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is the what my poor little under-the-desk heater endures all day long. The top half of my body never gets cold while I am sitting at my desk, mostly working. However, my legs and feet freeze. So, I turn on the heater. I will usually start to bake on top before the bottom half really gets cozy so I have to turn off the heater. Some time passes, turn it back on. Bake. Turn it off. Ugh....why can't I just be warm all over??? Probably because my legs sit under the desk and the "metal" from the underside of the desk just radiates cold.

And that made me think about being a christian. Yeah, that's right. A little under-the-desk heater can turn my mind toward the things of God. It doesn't always have to be a burning bush, or a sea parting or manna falling from the sky.

So, why does this make me think about being a christian? Well, one of the biggest problems people have with "christians" is hypocriticalness (is that a word?). Is now. We are warm & fuzzy at church or in a certain environment when around certain folk but then the next time you see us somewhere else, around other folk, we can be cold & stinging. Warm-Fuzzy...Cold-Stinging....Warm-Fuzzy....Cold-Stinging. But Jesus calls us to be in His image ALL the time. We have been given an internal heater, so-to-speak, in the form of the Holy Spirit. I need to be more mindful of Him in me and when I feel myself growing cold, call upon Him to warm me up again.

I ain't pointing no fingers here unless it is only at myself. It is just the thought that popped into my head as I turned my under-the-desk heater on for the umpteenth time today.