Life Scraps

Monday, November 16, 2009

Always Changing

Came home from work today and filled up another 30 gallon trash bag before I let myself just relax for awhile. My back has been feeling much better since about 7 a.m. so I decided to go through my kitchen drawers. Just the drawers. There are 8 of them.....4 of which were major junk magnets! I stopped with the one bag even though I wanted to move on and do some cabinets, too. But (and this is really anal-retentive) when I start either the bottom set or top set of cabinets, I want to be able to work through them all in one cleaning. Say the bottom set one day and the top another or both in one day should I be so energetic. Just like the drawers tonight...I didn't want to stop until I went through them all. Ugh, it really is a sickness! Anyway, I knew I would end up aggrevating my back if I did a set of cabinets, too.

So, I scrapped instead. I purchased this kit impulsively.....yeah, I know, it's another sickness. But, I absolutely fell in L.O.V.E. with these colors....just look at them!

See what I mean? Really? Do you? Cause I ain't feeling the same enthusiam. Sorry, I forget not all "5" of my readers are scrapbookers, hee-hee! I am a brown-freak! Love me some brown in my clothes, my jewelry, my purses, and most definitely in my scrapbooking papers & elements. Brown just makes any other color it is paired with POP or in the case of this kit, ooze with yummy-ness :) Do the words "ooze" and "yummy" really go together in a sentence? Okay, so yet another one of my sicknesses coming out.
My big dilema with this kit is......can I have a drum roll please?????? Hello? I don't have any girls to scrap photos of. Hmmmm, I tried using some photos I copied from my friend's FB album but they are WAY too tiny and when you try to enlarge them they are just too grainy. And then I remembered. I remembered I had some photos from this past July of my friend holding her granddaughter. So, with excitement spilling out of me I start clicking my mouse frantically until I find the folder and YES! there they are and immediately my eye is drawn to one photo in particular and I didn't even bother to look at the rest cause I knew this was it. After doing some editing by turning the photo a soft sepia tone and blurring the background I was ready to start the layout. And here is the end result......

It really helps to have one darling photo subject to work around. Isn't Miss M. just a doll? And you can see how much her Grandma loves & adores her.

FYI, the bling-bling circles are from a different kit called Cafe Date by Irene Alexeeva at Scrap Orchard.

So, that has been the extent of my night as I have listened to the rain falling outside my windows. Thanks for stopping by :)