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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Super Saturday

So, why was this Saturday super you ask? Because I accomplished MOST ALL of what I set out to do. Here is my day...

  • I rolled out of bed about 7:20 a.m. and cranked out a scrapbook layout while I ate some breakfast. Multi-tasking at 7:30 a.m.??? Hello, who IS this person?
  • At 8:30 a.m. I made myself presentable and ran some lidded containers over to mom & dad's
  • 8:45 I was out the door to run errands
  • Stop #1, the bank
  • Stop #2, McD's to grab a soda (very thirsty this morning...I know, soda was not a good choice but I wanted fizzy)
  • Stop #3, drive thru post office drop off box
  • Stop #4, Pak Mail to purchase packing boxes & paper....more on that later

Back home I unloaded the boxes & packing paper and grimmaced at my junked up front porch. Last weekend I purchased a 40 ct box of Glad Flex Trash Bags and put them to good use so I decided it was time to use some more. I started pitching junk! When I was satisfied with the improvement of the porch I went in to tackle the dreaded bedroom.

My bedroom has been a catch-all (as well as my kitchen, too) Back when I last kept Trevor overnight I took a bunch of stuff from the livingroom and stacked it in the bedroom wherever there was space to do so. Was trying to avoid constantly running to keep Trev out of something he shouldn't be in. Just seemed like less stress at the time. Well, that "stuff" stayed in the bedroom along with the pack-n-play.....which also became a catch-all in & of itself!! OY!

I could not tell you my process of working on the room and frankly I am sure you don't want to be bored with the details. All I knew was I wanted to P-U-R-G-E!!!!! I packed up all my summer clothes & shoes. I started taping up boxes and stuff I wanted to keep for when I get a larger home down the road I packed up. The rest was thrown out. I made a small pile in my livingroom of items I want to Craigslist. I know I should have done more than just trashed some of the things I threw out but I know me and it would never make it to its' other destination like Grandma's Attic. Just being would either sit in my car or somewhere in my home (where I am flat out-out of room) forever!!! I packed up 5 boxes and filled up 7 trash bags. How insane is that? My bedroom looks like a bedroom.....well, once I get the boxes moved to the basement it will look complete. However, the left knee and lower back just could not phathom carrying heavy boxes & containers down the steps. No, that is for another day when maybe I can sweet talk Josh into coming over after work and helping me.

At 3:30....6 1/2 hours after I started out, I was ready for 2 Tylenol Arthritis pills and some R&R. I laid down on my bed, set my timer for 1 1/2 hours, covered up and let the Tylenol take effect. Upon getting up I decided to tackle a few more little things. I rehung my newly washed mini-blinds in my bedroom (only got 1 set cleaned today) I then purged my bathroom shelves and straigtened them up and I managed to fill up another trash bag. OMG!

It is now nearing 8 pm and I so wish my washer/dryer were upstairs because I need to do wash but do NOT want to go downstairs. I still have lots more I want to pack up & throw out. The kitchen & scrapbook room are my 2 biggest jobs ahead of me. Something tells me I will be filling up the rest of those trash bags from those 2 rooms without any problems.

So, that was my super Saturday. It feels good to have actually accomplished something for a change.

Did you have a super Saturday? Leave me a note and tell me about it :) ~Hugs~