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Friday, November 6, 2009

Memory Foam, Etsy, DSD

Say what?????????? Okay, give me time and I will explain. I am very excited for several reasons.

#1 Sold my beloved recumbent bike this week and with part of the money I purchased a 3" thick Memory Foam mattress topper for my current bed. Took it out of the packaging last night and gave it time to 'bounce back' into shape. This morning I placed the cover over easy task to accomplish by ones self but I did it. I then placed my down featherbed on top of that and tonight will be the true test to whether the $160+ dollars spent was worth it. If not, I will move on to Plan B....return topper & purchase a Doctor's Choice mattress from The Denver Mattress Company.

#2 Today marks the beginning of Digital Scrapbooking Day or DSD. It really goes the whole weekend but they call it "day". It's a super-duper fun few days in the world of digi-scrapping. I won't get to participate in the fun until tomorrow as I have other fun already planned for tonight. Believe it or not the fun I had planned long before I knew it was DSD was to attend a Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt with my church group. I will be a judge so I don't get to go out and take all the wonky pictures, bummers :( Tomorrow I really really need to go to Wal Mart very early and then I plan to come home and see what kind of trouble I can get into over at Scrap Orchard & who knows where else my mouse will take me!!!

#3 And finally, I am excited because I ordered the most adorable little, hand-knitted, camo hats w/ear flaps for all 3 boys for Christmas. Below is a photo of one very cute model showing off the hat.......

I found them on which is this awesome website where all these amazing hand-made items are for sale. You can get lost rummaging through this site for hours if you are not careful :)


CyndiM said...

Thanks for blogging about my hat. I can't wait to mail them to you. Then we can see your cuties in them! And, Abbi (our model)says thank you, too!