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Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Organized!!!!

If there is one thing I am NOT, it is organized. It is something I LOVE to be but DESPISE trying to accomplish. I would much rather scrapbook a layout, watch a favorite TV show, get my wisdom teeth extracted again....than work on organizing! It is just not something that comes easily to me. I envy my cousin, Angela, who actually craves organizing her life & home. See, if I had the money I would just pay someone like her to come do it for me.

Well, since I do NOT have the $$ to pay a professional, I must dig down deep into my being and become more disciplined in this area. I am going to start with all my digital scrapbooking supplies & photographs. You might think "hey, that is a good, bite-sized area to start with!" Oh, you are so wrong. For you digi-scrappers out there you know exactly what I mean. This is going to be more like a 10 course meal...not just a little bite, LOL. See, I have been digi-scrapping for almost 2 years now and I have accumulated many, many, many scrap kits along the way. Each of these kits contains on average, 10 papers, 30+ elements, and 1 set of alphas. As it is right now, I have my various kits sorted into 1 of 3 categories...By Kit Name, By Designer, By Theme. That has been okay but I am finding I am not utilizing these beautiful kits & all the splendid papers & elements. I keep going to the same kits over & over mostly because I like them but because I don't want to take time to open all my others up (because I cannot remember what color/theme they each are). So, I feel like I am wasting $$ by allowing these kits to sit unused, and essentially I am.

So, while surfing around on the website yesterday, I came across her organization section. I started reading about ACDSee Photo Manager and how it can ROCK your WORLD when it comes to getting all your digi-supplies organized. So, after much reading, video watching & researching on the subject of this program, I decided to download the trial version. I also purchased an online class (self-paced....the best kind) that will walk me through how to get the most use out of this program because it is a little overwhelming to begin. So, for $25, I get the help of a professional organizer and all her wealth of knowledge. Okay, that I can swing!!! I am so excited to start using this program even though it will not be a "sit down one evening and have my stuff organized by bedtime" kinda project. No, this will take many weeks to do but I believe in baby steps.

If you would like more information about this program & how it can help you get organized with your digital supplies & photographs, check out these sites....

This is the site where I did ALOT of reading & watching videos about ACDSee

This is the link to Jessica's shop where you can purchase the class to learn how to use the program to its' fullest potential


faery-wings said...

You are too funny! I am so disorganized IRL ( an it makes me crazy) but I am very organized in my digital scrap life- thanks to ACDSee LOL!