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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday's thoughts....

I recently signed up at to receive a daily scripture verse by email. Here is today's verse....

Ephesians 5:1
Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children (NIV)

Some of the first thoughts that popped into my head were....what does it mean to be an imitator? Well, I would say it means to take on the actions/characteristics of people around you. We have these 2 darling little boys....Caiden and probably know them well since they are about all I blog & scrap about, LOL. They are of an age where they love to imitate the people around them. You stick out your tongue, they will stick out theirs. You wink your eye at them and they....well, they TRY to wink back at you. It is an absolutely adorable age. But, at the same time it is an age where they are tremendously impressionable. This is the age we need to be pouring into them words of love....teachable moments....hugs & kisses! Why? So, they will become imitators of these very things.

Often, as adults, we still continue to imitate those around us. Sometimes it is done in a joking manner just to give someone a hard time. Like for instance, people like to imitate me by "snorting". When I get to laughing really hard, yes, I snort. I admit it. When I do it, everyone around pokes fun and imitates me. That's okay, because as my good friend Jackie says "as long as they are making fun of me, they are leaving someone else alone."

Sometimes we begin to imitate the world around us and don't even realize we are doing it. But, this verse tells us to be imitators of "God"...not others or the world around us. So, how do we do this? I am no expert but I would say by getting in His word learning His character and meditating on that regularly. Only then can we begin to imitate Him. Okay, that is my mini-sermon for Thursday, LOL.
Here are 2 layouts I did last night. The first is one of those darling boys I was talking about, Caiden. The one below it is my mom when she was about 16, wowza!!

Credits: a new kit (yet to be released) by Designs by Angel called Natures Garden. I LOVE IT!
Credits: Kit called Posies by Lorilei Murphy of