Life Scraps

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pure Life this kit!

I so love this kit by Charlize Creations over at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking! I am blogging about it because I am debating on whether I want to actually purchase it. I have so many kits that I need to start being more selective in my purchases. One thing I want to start doing it not purchasing something unless it is on SALE! This kit is not so I will most likely hold off until it does go on sale. The only exception to my rule will be if I need a specific kit for a project and I cannot find one I like that is on sale. Otherwise, I am not making anymore "off the cuff" "based solely on the fact I like the kit" purchases unless it's on sale. Here is the kit previews. I just love these colors so much!!! So hard not to buy it, lol. If you want it now, just click on the previews to be taken the NDISB store!!!

Isn't it GORGEOUS?????