Life Scraps

Friday, June 19, 2009

Late Night Inspiration

I completed a challenge at Pretty Scrappy tonight called, Sowing Seeds. The challenge was to choose various items from various categories which corrulated to different digital elements. Tonight it was revealed what our initial choices stood for. My choices yielded me the following elements....
  • (1) photo

  • Bow or tie

  • Staple

  • (2) flowers

  • Blending Technique

Here is my take on that challenge. I had fun playing with some new kits I got from The Daily Digi today.


BG Paper - TaylorMadeDesigns Blending In Paper Pack

Flowers & Bow - Spiced Chai Latte by Amy Hutchinson

Staple - Dawn Inskip tag alphas

Blending Mask - Beachy Keen by Leora Sanford, Litter Dreamer Designs