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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Calling all Dreamologists

Full moon + ingesting 1 ES Excedrin + really naggy headache = WEIRDED OUT DREAM!!!!

I started to feel the pressure point headache coming on around 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. This time it was around my right eye socket/right temple area & right side of my forehead. It was a little frenzied at the end of the work day so I thought it would pass once I left work. No such luck.

After making some dinner and cleaning up the kitchen the headache was still there. I tried to just sit down and rub my eye/temple/forehead but it would not let up. So, I did the unthinkable...I took just ONE extra strength excedrin because it was that kind of headache and I knew nothing else would kick it. I turned off the lights and TV, set my timer for 30 minutes and laid down.

Thirty minutes later it was still there but eased up a little. Enough that I was able to get a scrapbooking layout done for a designer I work for. I promised her I would get it to her by early evening and I emailed it at 7:06 pm! That's still kinda early, right? But, then the headache was completely back again. Ugh!

I finally gave up at 8:45 and just went to bed in total darkness and drifted off to sleep massaging my aching temple and eye. However, I think the excedrin caused my subconscious to go into overdrive because I had such an odd, gross, weird dream about my sweet dog, Peanut, who died several years ago.

***FYI--if you are squeamish, you may not want to read about my dream***

I dreamt (sp?) I was walking him on a leash (I never walked him on a leash) and I went to pick him up and I noticed he had this enormouse gash on his right front leg. The gash was so bad, the skin was peeled away and I could see bone. Yeah, GROSS!

Of course, I freak and carry him to a veterinary clinic. The clinic was like some third world country clinics for humans.......horribly over-crowded with just ONE doctor to see them all. I was praying they would take Peanut in right away due to his injury and they did. The doctor said they had to do surgery right away and she whisked him out of my arms and said "follow me". I am trying to tell her he has a very bad heart murmur but she would not let me talk. I asked where I could go to wait and she says "no, you must stay and watch" Hello? Watch? Seriously? Again, she says "you watch or we don't repair him". And so, I watch as she injects him with meds to put him under. I watch as she flops him around like a rag doll while he is unconcious. Then she tells me his leg is broken in half and I watch as she removes part of the bone....stitches up the skin and then wraps the wound. All this was done in record speeds. She hands him back to me and without another word I am escorted out of the OR not knowing how to care for his wound or anything. Next thing I remember is he is walking around on all 4 legs (the one still bandaged from surgery) and acting fine. I was relieved.

How stinkin' weird (and gross) is that? I woke up sometime during the night to go to the bathroom and realized my headache had finally gone away but in its' place were the weird flashes of that dream.

Does anyone else have weird dreams, too??