Life Scraps

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hospital Visits & Birthday Wishes

It is so hard to believe that the little guy, smiling "that sweet smile" in the photos below is 23 years old TODAY! He still has that sweet smile. I was all of 16 when he, my first nephew, was born. I still remember the excitement I felt as we prepared to leave for the hospital to await his birth. I remember the baby bed I kept in my own bedroom for when I babysat him every Saturday while his mommy went to work. I loved those Saturday mornings when we would eat breakfast and watch Winnie The Pooh on TV. I loved taking him for walks in his stroller up to Main Street or taking him to the park to feed the ducks or to Olin Mills for a surprise photo shoot for his mom and dad. Now, he is all grown up with a toddler of his own (Caiden, the Mini-Josh). I don't know if Josh remembers all those times we spent together when he was just knee high to a grasshopper. That is why I scrapbook photos like these shown below.

Happy Birthday Joshua Ryan!!!

Something else I am struggling to believe is the fact it is FRIDAY already. Mom had her knee replacement surgery on Monday and due to trips to the hospital and various errands I have not arrived home much before 6 p.m. every night. Most probably think "that is normal for me" but it is NOT normal for me and when it continues for days on end it begins to take its' toll on me. Couple that with the fact Mom took a turn for the worse (after doing so awesome) when they discovered she had a blood clot in her lung that was causing the low oxygen levels in her blood. We are hoping and praying she can be weened off so much oxygen and be moved to a regular room. She is obviously bummed about the set back because she wants nothing more than to get to working on this new knee so she can get home again. Home for the holidays.
That is my week in visits and birthday wishes! Here's too a "just as busy" weekend I am sure!