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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well Wishes For Marti, 12-17-2009

Morning everyone. I am running late getting this post up today. Mom is having a rough start to the day. She has always battled depression (something she lovingly (not) passed along to me) and after 10 days in the hospital she is struggling. Understandably so, she wants to be home in her own bed....with her puppy to sleep without so many interruptions, etc!

Couple the homesickness with the fact she is worried about not being able to do certain things with her left leg at this stage of the healing process. I hope today she will firmly voice her conerns to the PT's and surgeon and they can give her some concrete answers as to whether this is normal and will get better with is not normal but they can reverse it.....or whether there is really something to be concerned about. She is tired of having to constantly tell the different staff about the problems she has with that leg (even before surgery) and feel as though they are not grasping what is trying to say.

I prayed with her and asked others to do some extra prayer cover for her today. Two PRAISES are:

#1 She made it back down to the orthopedic ward yesterday
#2 She is down to 2% oxygen thru her nasal tubes & holding at 95%!!!


Do you have some encouraging words for her today? She would love to hear them :)

God Bless<><