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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four More Shopping Days!

Isn't that nice of me to remind you just how few days are left before Christmas? As if the usual 5 minute turned 15 minute commute passed the shopping centers wasn't enough of a clue.

I had to go into a certain electronics store this afternoon. I had to get 2 gift cards and Aunt Maggie needed a battery for her cordless phone.

First off, I had NO idea where the land line telephones were since the only huge sign displayed is for "mobile phones". Just the way of technology I suppose. I just start walking in hopes of seeing what I am looking for and trying to squeeze through the crowds was.....let's just say ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU SCREAM EVEN WHEN WELL MEDICATED!!! I soon realize I am never going to find the telephones or batteries for the telephones.

Aunt Maggie suggested we wait for someone to help us. BWAHAHAHA was the sound that came out of me next. Hello? Do you "know" where we are? We will NEVER get assisted in here....NEVER.

With that said I begin walking in a new direction. Have I yet mentioned I am very hungry due to not having eaten lunch yet? I mean I was "really" hungry but, crow was not what I wanted to eat. However, crow is what I was about to be served when a salesman asks the one question I believe I have NEVER been asked before when in this particular electronics store...."Are you finding everything okay?"

"Why would you ask such a question dear sir? Do you NOT see the look of complete and utter confusion upon both our faces at this moment? Do people who are finding everything okay tend to walk on their tippy toes trying to see over the crowds of freakishly tall people in an attempt to find CORDLESS LAND LINE TELPHONES?"

Fear not, I turned on the filtering process in my head and what actually came out of my mouth was "Actually, we are looking for a battery for a cordless telephone."

He walks the opposite direction from where I was going and led us into a dark, dimly lit & very unpopulated part of the store where there was a very sad display of cordless telephones & accessories. Poor, pitiful little telephones....orphaned and abandoned by the "mobile phone age".

Alas, we found the batteries but guess what???? They no longer carry the battery she needed! SERIOUSLY? I took a deep breath before leaving our cozy, little, uncrowded nook and dove back into the crowds towards the check out lanes.

Oh, and don't get me started on those check out lanes. What are we......humans or cattle???????? Nuff said!

Oh yes, I so love shopping in a huge electronics store only FOUR days before Christmas!

So, how was YOUR day? I would love to hear the insane shopping stories I KNOW you have experienced. Come on, fess up!