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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Twist On Gift Wrapping

I super-duper love this idea I read about on The Creative Mama's blog today! It is a great way to be creative in your gift wrapping of smaller gifts.

After reading her post I am going to dig my Christmas paper back out of the boxes of scrapbooking supplies I packed up a few weekends ago. The only items needed are 8"x8" or 12"x12" pieces of Christmas designed scrapbook paper which you can get really cheap at Hobby Lobby when they run their sales....double sided tape....and a paper crimper as shown in her post which you can find by clicking HERE or on either of the photos below.

I know of a few gifts I already have that would be PERFECT for this technique! Wow, never would have thought I could get excited about wrapping Christmas gifts. To know me is to know I DREAD that part of Christmas. I love looking at the gifts when I am done wrapping them but just don't like the process of it. Probably because I don't really have sufficient space in which to be able to lay out all my gift wrapping supplies and do it neatly & comfortably.