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Sunday, July 26, 2009

38 Hours In Kentucky

But oh, what a great 38 hours it was. We arrived around 6:00 pm Friday night to find a cozy little cottage, overflowing with nick-nacks galore. We departed Sunday morning around 8:00 a.m. to head back to reality of life at home.

The trip consisted of lots and lots of driving. We drove through Amish country and took a scenic drive through Land Between The Lakes (area between Kentucky Lake & Lake Barkley). This took up the biggest part of the whole day on Saturday, which was more than I had anticipated but it was worth it. It just meant I didn't accomplish my scrapbooking goals nearly as I had hoped. Out of 4 layouts I set out to have done before we came home, 1 was finished and I practically redid it when I arrived home. Oh well, tomorrow night is another chance, right? I hope atleast.

Here are a few photos & a LO I did from our short, 38 hours in Kentucky....
Not a bad set up for just $100 per night, huh?
The leaning....shoot, I can't remember what these things are called, senior moment!!
I so love this photo of mom & I....especially after cropping off my butt, LOL!
My was the "red hat ladies" room....see the red & purple boa's up on the window??
Mom's room....she got an a/c unit...a 2 water features in her room....and a double bed. After all, this was a trip for her birthday :)
A 6 week old foal the owner's had on their property. Her (or his...not sure, didn't look) name is Buttermilk. So stinkin' cute!
Caught this photo of Momma & baby walking away....sometimes the shutter click happens at the right moment!
Pond & gazebo on the property....the horses are to the right in this photo.
Our first morning...enjoying our coffee before we head out for the day. It was a semi-cool, breezy morning which we soon learned was a prelude to some thunder showers that were heading our way.
This photo is just called "Three Chairs" Our cottage is there in the background behind the greenery.
Mom & I posing by Kentuck Lake. Taken on a short, scenic drive before we entered what was called The Trace, which is a 20 mile (one way) drive thru Land Between The Lakes.
Such a funny story behind this photo. One of the reasons I wanted to do the LBL drive was because they sport an Elk & Bison Prairie. A 3 mile one-way drive thru a patch of land where they keep elk & bison. You pay $5 per vehicle. You are allowed to drive thru as many times as you long as you pay the $5 each time. Okay, so I make sure my camera is turned on and ready for lots of photo op's. We drive, and drive, and drive, and stinkin' elk or bison. Mom and I were going "Here elky, elky, bison, bison, bison". I said "you know, they are all back in the trees sitting there laughing at us goin' 'look at those idiots. they paid $5 to drive thru this....let's hide and see if they pay another $5 to go thru again'." Right at the very end of the drive there was 1 sad, lazy, lone bison lying next to a watering hole. He picked up his head long enough for me to snap some photos and that was the extent of The Elk & Bison Prairie.
If you had not guessed, this is just a photo of an old, delapidated barn.
Kinda a funny story to this one, too. On our way home we had mapped out a different, more scenic route to take. It was a pretty drive out of Marion along 91 North. We saw more Amish homesteads and even saw one Amish family walking to church. Then lo & behold if 91 didn't end at the Ohio River. We had 2 choices....wait for the ferry to come back & take us over or turn around, back track all the way we just came and go back the way we came in originally. Ugh, neither of us were thrilled about driving up on a ferry. I was down right nervous about it. But, the thought of all that back-tracking was not appealing either. Soon some other vehicles drove up and were waiting for the ferry. We said to each other "well, if they are willing to brave it, so can we....let's live dangerously and go for it." It was less than 5 minutes over the river and we were so happy we didn't chicken out because it saved us a lot of time. I love how the water sparkles in this photo!
Here is a shot I took while driving out 654 South through the Amish homesteads of Crittenden County, KY. Mom actually saw this shot and so I stopped in the road to get the shot. The photo does not do justice to the beauty that you could see for miles. I did a layout using this photo, see the next & final photo/layout......
I did alot of adjusting & blending of this photo to reach this look. I did some levels adjusting & then colorized to make it a sepia tinted photo & brought back the blue of the sky. I then added a digital TTV texture effect around the edges of the photo as well added a brown paper grungy texture with a lighter opacity. The quote I used under the photo was one I thought up just for this shot.
Well, that is just a few of the photos from the weekend getaway to Marion, KY. It was fun and I highly recommend The Honeysuckle Cottage for your stay.