Life Scraps

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The way people think.....

What makes people think it is okay to point out weight issues to the people who have the weight issues? I mean, do they seriously think that by stating the obvious and making you feel like a disgusting, undisciplined slob it is going to kick start a sudden weight loss routine? Even IF done in love, I promise you this is most likely not the result that will follow such comments. More likely the result will be the person will simply leave your presence and go on to have even more negative feelings of themselves and now feel as though they are not loved as much because of how they look. They will draw more into themselves than ever and probably gain more weight. Certainly to do so is a "choice" we allow such comments to penetrate the walls....the oh so thick walls we have built around our hearts and crush us. We don't want to be "felt sorry for", we want to be loved. Unconditional love is a far greater motivator than words.....words hurt.....words alienate. And while I understand the concern that comes from those words....until you have been on the receiving end of such comments (and struggling with the issue yourself) you CANNOT and probably never WILL understand fully what I am saying. My hope, by laying my heart out to be crushed a little more, is that people (even myself) will next time stop and think before they speak. Because after all, we ALL have ISSUES....but not all are so obvious.