Life Scraps

Friday, July 17, 2009


I am facing 3 deadlines....that is alot for 'lil 'ol me!

1st Deadline: Since last week, I have been working feverishly to prepare for tonight's women's event at my church. It's a Girlfriend Night and is adding up to be a fabulously fun time. For this event I agreed to host the craft, which consisted of a make -n- take card. What I envisioned as being about 75 at the most has turned into 200+ women. That's a large amount of trimming, stamping, hole punching, ribbon cutting, flower sorting, bagging of items!!! Yesterday I sent out and SOS to my friends for help to finish completing the last 106 bags. Three of them graciously spent 2 1/2 hours with me working non-stop! I owe them lots of chocolate goodies tonight :) To think, I was going to try and finish that project by myself last night. I would have been up all night. On top of the craft I prepared to decorate 2 in a beach theme & one in a scrapbooking theme. I handed over the goods to Sheila & Jackie and gave them free creative reign to put the tables together and the rocked the house. I will post pictures later of how incredibly adorable the tables turned out. So, after work tonight I have one more shopping spree to pick up 3 last minute things for the event and then the only thing left for me to do is show up & be prepared to enjoy!!!

2nd Deadline: Wednesday of this week began Battle of the Creative Teams (see yesterdays post for further explanation). I have to get my layout created & uploaded to Angel tomorrow (Sat) morning before I leave the house at 9:15 a.m. I work the Food Pantry until noon and then have my nephews graduation party to attend from 1:00 until ?? The layouts for this contest have to be "quality controlled" by Angel to make sure we have met all the requirements, etc. I have no clue yet as to what pictures I will even use in my layout.

3rd Deadline: I received an email from Lorilei this week with a new kit she has coming out soon. The coupon codes she gives to download are only good until a certain day (usually just a few days from the day she emails you) and then I have to have my LO created, posted to 3 galleries & sent to her within 3 days from the day I download. My deadline for that is tomorrow, Saturday. I sure hope my creative juices are flowing tomorrow and that I do not break any fingers, wrists, arms, etc. between now & the time I get these deadlines met. Ok, I don't want to break any of those things EVER!!!!

So, that is a little of my insane life right now. Before I go, I must add that I did take some time while sitting in Taco Bell drive thru today to enjoy the beauty around me. There is a huge flowering bush beside the drive thru with all these purple blooms. There were gobs of bees going from bloom to bloom having a grand 'ol time. Then, there was this little bird that caught my eye. He (or she...I really do not know bird anatomy) was perched upon a light post just looking around. He flew over my car and landed on the concrete and again, was just looking around. He hopped down the sidewalk and then flew up onto another light post. I don't know why all this was so entertaining. Probably because these creatures of God's design are living their lives in the moment. They aren't thinking about all their deadlines....what bills have to be paid next....if there is food stored up in their cupboards. No, they are doing what they do....existing. So, for a few moments in my hectic weeks-end, I took a few short minutes to enjoy life. I smiled :)