Life Scraps

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The insanity of life continues....

please excuse me while I take a break. Well, I don't get to take the break until the weekend but what a break it will be....or so I pray. More on that later.

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So, my weekend. Where on earth do I start. How about the happy stuff. Friday night was our "Girlfriend Night" women's event at church. Two hundred women came out to fellowship with one another and either pamper or be pampered with facials, hand & feet spas, chair massages, etc. I have photos to post but in all the craziness of other things I am working on, I have not posted them yet. Soon, hopefully. So, Friday was a long day...worked all day and went right to work on finishing prep work for the event and didn't leave the church until nearing 11 pm.

Saturday morning was my Food Pantry volunteer day. We had several clients come in which helped make the time go by faster and that is always nice. Then, the afternoon was filled with a graduation party for my (I almost said youngest...not any more, lol) nephew, Jesse. It was a sweet day outside and I tried to be out in the fresh are as much as possible since it is rare to have a 75 degree, no humidity JULY day in the midwest. All the fresh air caught up to me about 6:30 pm and I headed for home to rest up for church the next day.

Sunday I felt refreshed and ready to tackle a day with God, friends and of course, food. What I wasn't ready to tackle was spending 8 1/2 hours in an ER waiting to learn if my dear friend was going to be okay. While dining after church my friend, Suzy, passed out to the point of losing pulse and no breathing. Thankfully we have nurses in our group and they performed CPR and she was back within about 30 seconds but not too with it. At the hospital they determined her potassium was a 0.2 on a scale of 8.0....HELLO??? No wonder her heart stopped. They did a round of potassium and release her (against our wishes). Suzy insisted we then go to Cracker Barrel for pancakes....did I mentioned she is a nut? So, off to CB we went from the ER. It was extremely crowded and loud inside the restaurant. After waiting outside in the rockers for about 15 minutes we were seated. Soon we had our dinners (or breakfasts for most eating) in front of us and we were just enjoying the fact Suzy seemed okay. That came to an end when she once again passed out but this time never losing a heartbeat or anything. Back to the ER we went. This time they admitted her. A sonogram of her neck (where she was complaining of swelling) was performed to discover she had a stone in her saliva gland. This was what was causing her the pain when she ate and then to pass out. But, the doctor wants to sure there is nothing else wrong with her heart or arteries in her neck that caused the heart to stop. After 11 hours+ away from home on Sunday I was exhausted in every aspect of the word.

We believe we have probably been banned from a few Troy restaurants due to our ability to freak out large groups of customers & break dishes better than the Greek's can at a Greek wedding. But, we still have our Suzy with us and that is what is important....I just hope no Edwardsville restaurant owners read my post and decide to pre-ban us from eatery's up there. LOL!

This weekend I am taking my mom on a weekend trip to Kentucky. It is an impromptu trip that is much needed. I have no set plans. Just to arrive and settle in and go from there. I plan to spend time with my God, my computer, my scrapping and of course, my mom :)

I leave you with a layout I did using an awesome kit by Lorilei Murphy of Rosey Posey Studio....image is linked to her store to purchase the kit.