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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking a break......

from the cuteness of this.....

How fun is all this, I ask??? Well, this has been my day....buying, sorting thru, and decorating cute things. I think I mentioned I am in charge of decorating 2 themed tables at our upcoming women's event at church this weekend. I chose to do a beach theme & scrapbooking theme. I bought these adorable little take out boxes at Hobby Lobby....10 pk for just $5. I needed 8 for my table so it worked perfectly. Especially since I buggered one up while decorating it, oops. I also bought several packs of floral stickers (50% off I might add) to decorate the take out boxes. Add some curly ribbon and there you have it....too stinkin' adorable boxes to fill with chocolate treats for my girls.

Under the take out box photos is a close up shot of some completely cute plateware I bought at Big Lots. I bought 4 ea in the shapes of a surf board and a flip flop. The last photo is an all encompassing shot of the items for the 2 tables combined. I bought a scrapbooking tote for $3 at Hobby love this store! Inside the tote I place lots of my scrapbooking tools & goodies and tied the handles together at the top with pretty green/brown wired ribbon. This will be the centerpiece for the sb'ing table. The centerpiece for the beach table will be the orange pail that will have some tissue paper stuffed 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the inside and then I have some flip flops, whirly-bird toys, sunglasses, sun visors, etc to stick inside the pail. I have everything for the beach table but still need some things for the sb'ing table. Waiting for some more inspiration to come.

I have accomplished a lot on my day off. I am so thrilled!!! Still have lots of little baggies to stuff with items for the make & take but that will get worked on later tonight.

That is all for now. Need to call Aunt Maggie and see where were are going to eat tonight. Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the cuteness with me :)