Life Scraps

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photos promised....

Here are some photos from over the past week that I haven't had time to post. They are completely unedited but will have to do for now.....

Remember the Women's Event last Friday...I decorated 2 tables and this is a close up of the beach how it turned out, thanks to my Diva Table Decorators, Sheila & Jackie

This is a close up of the Scrapbooking Table.....for confetti I used colored buttons, tiny ink pads, & large chipboard alphas.

A full shot of the Scrapbooking Table. For placemats I used 12x12 patterned paper and under each plate I placed a scrapbook magazine I no longer wanted. I chose white plates, cups, bowls since as a scrapbooker I usually start with a blank white page & build on that. My napkins were black & white with a flourishy design which totally spoke "scrapbooking" to me.

A full shot of the beach table....this table was all about color & lots of it! Pink & yellow plates, solid green napkins, orange napkins with hula dancers on them, the little take-out boxes I posted last week. Inside the orange bucket in the center of the table I put 3 whirly-bird toys that thanks to the a/c blowing in the gym...made them twirl. I also had some beach toys & some colorful flip flops stuck inside. Hanging over I had some sunglasses & sunvisors.

This was just another beautiful table I took a photo of...I had nothing to do with decorating this one.

This was the craft area where the ladies took turns sitting down to make a card. I only wish I had a photo of us actually doing the craft because this pretty, neat little area soon looked like a tornado had passed through it.

The day after the church event was my nephew, Jesse's graduation party. I ask, "could he look any more thrilled???"

This past Tuesday I spent a few hours with my dear childhood friend, Lori over at the Galleria in St. Louis. We ate, as I said before, at California Pizza Kitchen. This is a shot of my partially eaten Goat cheese/red, yellow peppers/japanese eggplant/carmelized onions pizza. I debated posting this photo since I had 2 missing pieces but it was still very pretty so I decided to do it. Man, is it ever making me hungry to look at it!

Oy, this is the one photo I wish I had edited....I look like a ghost next to the nicely tanned Lori. Isn't she beautiful? And she has an even more beautiful heart to match! We were in the parking lot snapping photos of ourselves and cracking up laughing at the results we were getting....chopped off heads....turned away faces, etc. The whole time we both had to potty so the laughing was not helping in that department. Thanks to me getting lost on the way home I stopped at a Walgreens on Clayton Rd....used their bathroom then called Sheila to Mapquest me home again. Not quite the same as "beam me up, Scotty" but close!

That's my life in photos for the last week. Thanks for stopping by!!!