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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fatigue and back pain...

is just all part of being a Tanti for 24 hours. After days of preparing my home to receive this 13 month old ball of fire, Trevor arrived on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Daddy put him down in my front yard, barefoot, and he was a happy boy. Even happier when he discovered the new rocks in my unfinished garden make-over area. Big, white rocks. He carried them around. He shared them with us. He threw them cause after all, that's what rocks are for, right?

Mommy educated Tanti on the ins & outs of eating, sleeping, diapering, etc. and soon we were together....just the two of us. All was good in Trevor's world until Tanti picked him up to go in the house and made him put the rocks back. Oscar award winning drama, scene #1.

I fixed him lunch and soon, just like a little man, he was all happy again. Time to play and play we did. Played until the eyes became heavy laden with sleepiness and Tanti rocked him to sleep for the afternoon nap.

Awake again....played some more.....ate dinner and decided to go visit cousin, Caiden for awhile. Oh so many toys at Aunt Julie's house and wouldn't you know it, both boys only wanted the toy the other boy had in his hand. Toddlers! Then it was off to visit with Aunt Maggie. There was no other little boys there to hog all the toys. Well, there really weren't any toys but Trevor soon found the collection of stuffed bears sitting under the table and soon they were scattered on the livingroom floor. Starting to rub eyes & ears Tanti knew it was time to head home and draw a bath. Time to put the bears back. Oscar award winning drama, scene #2.

Trevor is in full blown snot & tear mode by the time we walk through the door. I grab the pacifer and he continued to cry through the pacifer. Ummmm, this is gettin' ugly was what I was thinking. I drew the bath hoping it would help. Nope. Trevor is going for an Oscar in more than one category with this scene. I left the hair untouched....washed & rinsed the body, especially feet, as fast as I could considering my back was in spasms at this point [bent over the tub].

Bath over, PJ's on, pacee in mouth, sippy cup of milk in hand as well as Mr. Blanky, cartoons on TV and in Tanti's lap rocking. Ahhhh, tears all gone. Off to dreamland by 8:15!! Rewind to before bath.....had to give him allergy meds with an eyedropper. I don't advise attempting to give a child who is wailing & flinging arms medicine. My carpet was well medicated before it was over. We made attempt #2 after we were calm again.

Tanti awoke in wee hours of morning barely able to move from pain in lower back. Hmmm, Lord, don't let Trevor wake now. I managed to get off the couch and into the recliner where I slept a bit longer before resorting to some meds of my own to help the pain. It was now 3:15 a.m. or there about.

Little fella woke at 4:30 a.m. with a very soggy diaper which Tanti gladly replaced with a dry one. I took him out to the couch with me and gave him his sippy cup of milk which he did not drink before going to sleep the night before. Tanti dozed off & on [lightly] and by 5:30 Trev was sound asleep again and slept until after 7:00.

I soon realized church was not going to happen. There was no way I could see lugging Trevor & his diaper bag to the car, from car to church, from church to car, from car to restaurant, you get the picture. NO WAY! So, we ate breakfast, Grandma & Grandpa came over the visit, then it was time to get dressed and play until morning nap time. Thinking I only had and hour at most, I gathered up all the toys, clothes, sippy cups, etc and started to load up the car. I sat down and made a phone call and by the time I was done I figured Trevor would be waking up soon but I laid my head down anyway. I was in the zone when my phone woke me up. Two hours had passed. They boy slept 2 hours!

I shoveled some peaches & goldfish crackers in him and we soon were off to meet Mommy & Daddy at Denny's in O'Fallon for the switcher-roo!

Here are a few pics from our 24 hours together!

The pacifier is not something Trevor has all the time now. He only had it now because remember the drama scene after removal of rocks from hands? Yeah, he needed some extra comfort. He discovered the door stop in my livingroom and had a blast watching it go "boing" back & forth.

You might be inclined to think he is pitching a fit here but he wasn't. He was just having fun climbing on & sliding off my recliner.

I was sitting ont the floor when Trevor saw my cell phone sitting on the couch. He looked at it, looked at me and just grinned cause he knew he wasn't supposed to pick it up. He did, however, see just how close he could get his fingers with OUT touching it. Such torture!

Mr. Blanky!

Caiden thinks he is the remote control god and that he and ONLY he can have it in his possession. Here he decides to tease his cousin a little. If he could I think the Remote Control god would be saying "nanna-nanna boo-boo, you can't have it!!"

Oh no you don't's MINE!!!!

Caiden was happy to report he was about to show Trevor his wrath by sentencing him to the kennel for unlawful touching of the remote control.

Trevor woke with huge smiles on his face Sunday. He has the most adorable little piece of hair sticking out over his right ear [his right, not yours]

Ahhh, yet another new discovery for Trevor. My computer chair in the kitchen. I tell ya, the boy will one day host The Discovery Channel!!!

And here we are shortly before our time was up. Doesn't he look so stinkin' cute in his little over-all short set???

So, is the back pain & fatigue (I have yet to take a nap since I arrived home childless at 3:15) all worth it? Oh yes, most definitely.
Thanks for stopping by and reading all about the fun weekend I had! Have a great week. Layouts to follow later :)